- The medical assessment is that she would feel good about a little more recovery.

She can stand on the starting line to three miles, but the assessment is that in the longer term it is best to stand over on Sunday, says national team doctor Jan Wall to Aftonbladet.

"Hope lived on one last chance on Sunday.

But there will certainly be nothing.

I did not reach my goals.

It feels heavy, and damn, and empty now, but what the hell !!

There are much worse things here in life, of course. ”, She writes on Instagram and takes the experience home where she will water the flowers.

Frida Karlsson has had a heavy Olympics with a collapse after the skiathlon where she finished fifth, finished in 10 km classic and lost a lot on her relay distance.

Instead, it will be Ebba Andersson, Charlotta Kalla, Emma Ribom and Jonna Sundling who run the last race of the Olympics 30 km free mass start starting at 07.30 on Sunday.

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Frida Karlsson and SVT's expert Matthias Fredriksson.

Photo: TT / Bildbyrån