A funny shot of Portuguese star Ricardo Quaresma in the Portuguese Football League sparked a wide interaction on social media, after he tried to prevent the injured opposing team player from wasting time.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a sports page on Instagram published the funny video of Quarisma, 38, with about 11.5 million views, more than a million likes, and thousands of comments.

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The shot came in the match between Belenenses and Vitoria Guimaraes (Quaresma team) last Sunday in the Portuguese League, where the result indicated that the hosts advanced in the score with a goal to none.

In the 92nd minute of the match, young Belenenses player Afonso Sousa fell to the ground due to injury, so Quaresma came to him and carried him with his hands to take him out of the field so as not to waste more injury time (5 minutes).

Quaresma did not like the behavior of the young player and his teammates, so Souza stood on his feet, refusing to carry him and try to get him out of the veteran player.

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Despite Quaresma's attempts to return the result, the match ended with the loss of Vitoria Guimarães with a goal without a response from the bottom of the standings in the Portuguese league.