• Real Madrid completely went through at the Parc des Princes, eaten up in physical intensity and tactical intentions.

  • The historic midfielder of Real has been overtaken by the rhythm, as often in recent seasons in the Champions League.

  • Carlo Ancelotti, heavily criticized in Spain, will have to find solutions in the return match at Santiago Bernabeu. 

A severe organ descent, barely made up by the desperate attempts of the Madrid press to make a fuss about Kylian Mbappé and his supposed arrival in the summer.

Tuesday evening, at the Park, Real Madrid was overtaken by all the infirmities which crack under the sutures on the great evenings of Europe.

Two snapshots on the fly.

Sports planning involved

The first: Carvajal and his inexcusable fault on the penalty missed by Messi, after an hour of taking lightning on his right wing, when Hakimi locked Vinicius in his paddling pool by cutting off the water supply.

Hakimi, trained at Real, who never wanted to exercise his buyout option at Dortmund or Inter.

The second: A counter-attack led by Vinicius, the only one in the match or almost, at the end of the first half, and the midfielders who take a lead in reaching support, as if held back by a moving trailer.

Kroos and Modric are still superb football players, but are no longer capable of the high-intensity runs in the press or with the ball, these essential runs in current transition football.

The failure of sports planning before our amazed eyes.

So what ?

So Real played 30m from their goals, in a low block, with a certain defensive know-how all the same given the force 5 gusts from Paris, because they didn't have the players to do anything else, Ancelotti in took full face at our Iberian colleagues, which seemed to surprise him since he has been serving the same soup since his weeks, only saved by the athletic weakness of a championship where no one has the cojones to come and press high.

“I don't think you can say that our tactical system was conservative.

Courtois did not spend his time clearing far ahead, we tried to build.

I agree, we should have been more aggressive without the ball, but with it, the exits from our side were not clean.

We don't usually have so many problems when we're in a hurry because we have quality players.


Carlo suffers from a certain bad faith, at the time.

After a few daring variations in the first few months, he clings to his old guard like a baby panda to his mother on leaving the maternity ward, even if it means passing off the double Z, his predecessor, for a revolutionary mélenchoniste on the Madrid bench.

No confidence in the kids at the training center, and little more consideration for the Valverde-Camavinga pair, who have their faults, of course, but who have the enthusiasm of youth, and a fitting physical dimension with what is practiced these days in the Champions League.

A tactical change on the return?

Obviously, there are three weeks left, and the Madrid press will smear us with war montages and revisit the history of the C1 with the trumpet, and that the spirit of Juanito, and that the 13 European Cups on display, and that the size of the crest, and the weight of the institution, and the atmosphere of the Bernabeu, which will struggle to suffice with half of the stadium under construction.

Three weeks to propose a "different strategy" as imagined by Mbappé, a little skeptical after 90 minutes of visiting the Madrid bus through all the doors.

Three weeks to "find the right space, get out of the pressure, and play more attacking at home", underlines Thibaut Courtois, disappointed to take the tide all evening (only three shots attempted, Real's worst total in the competition since 'Opta analyzes the stats, i.e. 2004).

Three weeks to rehabilitate an empire in decline, which is short.

Come on, a reason for curiosity anyway?

The suspension of Casemiro will force Ancelotti to grind his brain a bit, since the Brazilian does not have a natural replacement to his liking.

The minimalist solution?

Bring Kroos down as a sentry, with all the risks that entails given the slowness of the German in the race.

The craziest?

A 4-4-2 with Camavinga on the left and Valverde on the right.

Suicidal but tempting.

Ah and then put Asensio in the cellar, we are among serious people here.

After all, Gareth Bale will struggle to do worse.

It's making yourself believe things that won't happen, but we're going to have to furnish a little between now and March 9, on the Madrid side, to shower us with papers on the reassembly.


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