Novak Djokovic, who was forced to miss the Australian Open last month over the new coronavirus vaccine at No. 1 in the world ranking of men's tennis singles, responded to overseas media interviews and said, "We are ready to pay the price. There is, "he said, suggesting that he may not participate in the other four major tournaments in the future.

Djokovic was scheduled to participate in the Australian Open of the four major tournaments last month without being vaccinated against the new coronavirus, but was denied entry to Australia over this vaccination and was forced to miss the tournament.

Jokovic told the BBC, a public broadcaster in the United Kingdom, that he had vaccinated as a child, saying, "I have never objected to vaccination." You always have the freedom to choose whether to include it. "

And when asked if he might sacrifice his participation in other four major tournaments such as the Wibbledon Championship for non-vaccination, he said, "I am ready to pay the price" and may not participate. Suggested.

Djokovic has won a total of 20 wins in the four major tennis tournaments, and is led by Rafael Nadal, who won the Australian Open last month and won the most 21 wins in history.