Minutes after the coup, Gerrit Holtmann looked just as excited as before on the pitch.

"The way we played the first half was like something from another planet for me," said Bochum's power winner, commenting on his team's rousing performance in the 4-2 win over the big favorites from Munich.

The joy of his congenial team-mate Cristian Gamboa, who, like Holtmann, contributed a spectacular goal, was just as great.

When asked how the team would celebrate the unexpected success, the Costa Rican defender laughed loudly: "Three points, three beers." There must be a "little party" in there.

With coach Thomas Reis, the Costa Rican ran into open doors.

"The squad can enjoy the victory for a day and a half," said the VfL coach after the coup, and a "holiday" was immediately announced on the promoted team's website.

The unbelievable first 45 minutes in particular – FC Bayern last conceded four goals in the first half in 1975 – caused ecstasy in the pot.

Individual fans apologized to the municipal health department via social media because their masks slipped off their noses when the goal was celebrated.

"This is a dream"

Although the Bochum stadium was only filled with 8,500 spectators due to the corona, it looked like a madhouse.

Especially in the first half, when the Reis team played in a frenzy and by Christopher Antwi-Adjei (14th minute), Jürgen Locadia (38th / hand penalty), Gamboa (40th) and Holtmann (44th) four times met within 30 minutes, there was ecstasy in the stands.

Reis enjoyed Bochum's first win over FC Bayern in 18 years: "We're very happy that we got three points that not everyone expected.

The Sunday goals then played their part.”

It was Holtmann who made Bayern look bad time and time again with his speed and crowned the memorable first half with a dream goal in the corner (44th) to make it 4-1.

But full-back Gamboa also managed almost everything.

In the 40th minute he cheekily tunnelled Kingsley Coman, then he sunk the ball well into the left corner of the goal.

"It was my first Bundesliga goal, and it was directly against Bayern.

This is a dream.

My wife and I are expecting a baby, everything is great," said the 32-year-old.

Bochum against Bayern, that's a special bond.

On the one hand there is the fan friendship, but there are also several historical duels.

The game of September 18, 1976 was considered Bochum's "game of the century". The underdog led 4-0 against the big favorites with umpteen 1974 world champions, Bayern still won 6-5.

In the first leg of the current season – also on September 18 – VfL suffered their heaviest Bundesliga defeat of 7-0.

Now the counter for the history books.

"The potential is there to be the new game of the century," said Bochum's sports director Sebastian Schindzielorz on Sunday on the Sky 90 program, "we can talk about a replacement."

"There is always a game in the season where Bayern might be able to get a hold of it," said Reis after the game - the first this season in which Bochum scored four goals.

Because everything was fine.

"Gamboa only scores a goal once a year, Holtmann only has his right foot for standing," Reis joked on Sunday in the "double pass" at Sport1.

Despite all the pride, the coach reminded his pros of the goal for the season: “They can enjoy the win today.

But then I'll bring you back down to earth.

We only have 28 points.

It shouldn't make the boys rest on their laurels."

But the times when his team was traded as a relegation candidate are now over.

Since the worrying 0:7 in Munich in mid-September and the then crash to the second-bottom place in the Bundesliga, she has worked her way up to eleventh place.

It is astonishing that Bochum (19) have conceded fewer goals than leaders Munich (21).

In addition, such fast counterattackers like Holtmann and Antwi-Adjei are proving to be more and more of a "weapon" according to coach Reis.

The coach hopes that the strength of defense and counterattacks will also pay off in the next game next Saturday with the penultimate team from Stuttgart: "We can take the next giant step there."