(Beijing Winter Olympics) Halfway through the Winter Olympics: the competition progressed smoothly, breaking many records and the overall success of epidemic prevention and control

  China News Agency, Beijing, February 13 (Wang Hao) On the 13th, the Beijing Winter Olympics held a regular press conference.

According to the relevant personnel of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the Beijing Winter Olympics is halfway through, and a total of 58 gold medals have been produced, breaking a number of Olympic records and world records.

The risk of the epidemic is under control, and the epidemic prevention has been generally successful so far.

  Yang Shuan, vice chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, introduced at the press conference that in the past eight competition days, 58 events have been completed, resulting in 58 gold medals, accounting for about 53% of the total number of gold medals.

Among them, athletes from 20 countries won gold medals, and athletes from 26 countries reached the podium.

On February 12, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics speed skating men's 500m final was held at the "Ice Ribbon" at the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium.

China's Gao Tingyu broke the Olympic record with a time of 34.32 seconds and won the championship.

This is the first time China has won a gold medal in the men's speed skating event at the Winter Olympics.

The picture shows Gao Tingyu at the award ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jun

  "Up to now, this Winter Olympics has broken Olympic records many times in the two events of short track speed skating and speed skating. Among them, short track speed skating has broken a total of 5 Olympic records and 1 world record. Speed ​​skating competition The CCP has broken 8 Olympic records and 1 world record," Yang Shuan said.

  Snowfall on February 13 caused some races to be postponed.

In this regard, Yang Shuan introduced that the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee had obtained the forecast information of the meteorological department on February 4 for this snowfall, and two days ago, the snowfall period and magnitude of each venue were basically determined and issued in advance. Information about weather warnings.

  According to him, on the 13th, thousands of staff from the Zhangjiakou competition area went to the track to clear the snow, but because the snow was too heavy and too urgent to meet the visibility requirements, in order to ensure the safety of the athletes, the game was postponed.

Before the start of the next competition day, the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics has enough power to clear the snow from the track.

On February 9, the women's snowboard slalom pursuit competition of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held at Zhangjiakou Yunding Ski Park.

The picture shows an athlete being taken off the field after being injured.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  "In terms of injury treatment, Yunding Ski Park and Yanqing Alpine Ski Center each used helicopters to transport injured athletes in a timely and fast manner. The venues, medical teams and designated hospitals have shown great results in the on-site treatment and hospitalization of injured athletes. High professional level." Yang Shuan said.

  Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said: "The Beijing Winter Olympics is halfway through, and the overall epidemic risk is under control. So far, the epidemic prevention has been successful. The next step is to adhere to the effective prevention and control measures. control measures, and adhere to the epidemic prevention requirements stipulated in the prevention and control manual."

  He said that the previous situation of unstable nucleic acid test results for athletes was not a problem with the test method, and all tests were carried out according to standard procedures.

  Huang Chun introduced: "The nucleic acid test results may be positive for a while and then negative. In fact, it is the process of intermittent detoxification of the virus itself. Our experts will study and judge each case every day, as long as it conforms to the prevention and control manual or nucleic acid test adjustment. Some new policies, we will release him in time or return to the game to participate in the game." (End)