After the renewed humiliation, Joshua Kimmich sounded the alarm.

The clear 2: 4 (1: 4) defeat at VfL Bochum had hardly been sealed when the Bayern star opened a mentality debate with the record champions, who are actually known for their unshakable Mia-san-mia attitude.

"It happens too often.

I don't know that from us in the past, that we concede four or five goals several times," complained the national player, referring to the similarly embarrassing 0: 5 of Munich in the cup at the end of October in Mönchengladbach.

He added thoughtfully: “We have missed all virtues.

We have to ask ourselves if that's the mentality of Bayern."

Such a discussion was actually reserved for the pursuer from Dortmund in recent years.

Not only the high number of goals conceded in Mönchengladbach and Bochum could be taken as an indication of a similar problem.

It is also unusual for Bayern that all four previous defeats of the season came against teams with a double-digit place in the table.

The fact that the second half of the Bundesliga season was lost against Gladbach could perhaps be explained by the many corona failures.

That wasn't the case this time.

Julian Nagelsmann looked similar to Kimmich.

"It was a shitty game.

We shouldn't lose our tension and say the league should be more exciting again," said the football coach, lamenting the defeat against a team that was defeated 7-0 last September.

Lewandowski cannot save

The distance to second from Dortmund is still comfortable.

Nevertheless, Kimmich warned of continued negligence.

"You can't go into a game like that.

It doesn’t matter how much of a lead we have.” The 27-year-old midfielder was referring to the desolate 31 minutes before the break, when the furious Bochum team defended themselves with goals from Christopher Antwi-Adjei (14), Jürgen Locadia (38. / hand penalty), Christian Gamboa (40th) and Gerrit Holtmann (44th) rewarded.

Even world footballer Robert Lewandowski could not save anything with his season goals number 25 and 26 (9th and 75th).

Bayern last conceded more than three goals in the first half in 1975 in Frankfurt (0:5 at the break).

"This must not happen to us.

Everyone has to ask themselves if that's all we bring to the pitch every week," Kimmich complained.

So the goalkeeper Sven Ulreich, who had been let down a few times by the back team and who stood in for the injured national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, had certainly imagined the afternoon differently.

Nagelsmann agreed that one of the leaders from the team spoke plainly and asked the mentality question: "It's always good when something like that comes from the team.

That should come from the team and not from me," commented the coach.

"If he made that statement, there must be some truth behind it.

And that should be a lesson for everyone.”

Despite the unworthy performance of a league leader, the coach spared his pros a cabin sermon at the break: "If you're 1: 4 down at half-time, you don't have to shout in as a coach.

Then every player has to know for himself that what we did in the first 45 minutes was obviously stupid.”

Most Bavarians didn't notice anything from the party on Castroper Strasse with minute-long dance routines by Bochum's Himmelsstürmer and their cheering fans.

Shortly after the final whistle, a large part of the team had disappeared into the dressing room in frustration.

The hasty departure from the Revierstadt made sense.

After all, the round of 16 first leg in the Champions League at RB Salzburg is on Wednesday (9 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Champions League and on DAZN).

With a performance similar to that in Bochum, there shouldn't be anything to get there either.

But when asked if he was worried before the game against the Austrian leaders, Nagelsmann answered confidently: "I'm not worried."