The first official match of the soccer J-League this season, the "Super Cup," was held in Yokohama, and Urawa Reds defeated Kawasaki Frontale 2-0 to win their second victory in 16 years.

The "Super Cup" is a match between the J1 champion of the previous season and the winning team of the Emperor's Cup before the opening of the J League. I played against each other.

In addition to the maximum number of spectators of 20,000, the match was prepared for 1,000 seats for those who tested negative on the day of the antigen test, and a total of 18,558 spectators visited.

In the 7th minute of the first half, Japan national team Hiroki Sakai made a sharp pass from the right side and Ataru Esaka took the lead with his right foot.

The Reds blocked the attack of Frontale, who scored second in the league last season with a highly focused defense, and in the 36th minute of the second half, Esaka scored an additional point from the counter with his left foot.

The Reds defeated Frontale 2-0 and won their second victory in 16 years.

Ricardo Rodríguez said, "It was a difficult match, but the players did a lot of hard work in the defense. I'm happy to win the title in front of many fans."

Reds Sakai "Even if you win, you can't get anything if you're loose"

Hiroki Sakai of the Reds, who assisted in the opening goal, said, "It was great to win against Frontale, who boasts that comprehensive strength. I thought it would be nice if I could hold it down at the end and connect it to the counter. Even if I win here, I can't get anything if I'm loose. I want to prepare for the important league match from next week. " I was tightening my mind.

Esaka with 2 goals "Last year I couldn't beat Frontale and became confident"

Reds player Ataru Esaka, who scored two goals, said, "The defense I was trying to do went well from the start, and I was able to take the lead in a good shape. In the second half, I had a longer time to hold the ball, but I was able to defend persistently in front of the goal. I'm confident that I couldn't beat Frontale even once last year, but I think the other party will change as the conditions improve. I'd like to review what I'm reviewing and try to win again. "