Before the evening, Djurgården and Luleå had encountered each other twice this season and the latter left the events with the victory intact.

But not this evening - Djurgården ruined Luleå's chance to take the fifth straight victory when they defeated Norrbotten on penalties.

Tim Söderlund opened the scoring by scoring a fine solo goal for Djurgården after just over eight minutes.

How did he celebrate?

By tackling a plexiglass.

- I'm too hard, he says to CMore after the first period.

Same goal celebration again

Just over four minutes later, the home team extended the lead to 2-0 through Marcus Sörensen and Djurgården could go to the break with a two-goal lead.

In the second period, Luleå started to press but Djurgården was hotter and in the middle of the period, Luleå attracted three expulsions in four minutes.

Djurgården did not manage to score on the first two powerplay but Luleå's Pontus Andreasson was in front of goal and was able to push the puck into boxplay.

2-1 did not last long at all.

25 seconds later, Tim Söderlund was able to make it 3-1 in numerical superiority.

He celebrated again by jumping on the plexiglass - but this time the glass stayed in place.

Luleå's monster period

In the middle of the third period, Djurgården was able to increase its lead to 4-1 in numerical superiority through Marc-Andre Gragnani.

But the away team did not give up.

Isac Brännström got the puck and was able to shoot in 4-2 behind Djurgården's goalkeeper Mantas Armalis.

Djurgården then took on two expulsions within a minute and the American Jack Connolly reduced to 4-3.

Konstantin Komarek was able to equalize a minute later and Djurgården lost a 4-1 lead in three minutes and 16 seconds.

What for a long time looked like a stable Djurgården win went instead to extra time and penalties where Tim Söderlund put his penalty high up in the net.

In the third period, Djurgården's William Eklund received a real blow and lay on the ice.

Eklund then left and did not return to play.

- I actually do not know what the situation is, said Djurgården's coach Joakim Fagervall after the final signal.