(Beijing Winter Olympics) Comprehensive news: Gao Tingyu broke a record to win the Chinese delegation and won the fourth gold

  China News Service, Beijing, February 12 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The national speed skating hall "Ice Ribbon", which has broken records since the start of the Winter Olympics, finally has a record belonging to the Chinese team-the men's speed skating on the 12th. In the 500m final, Gao Tingyu, the flag bearer of the opening ceremony of the Chinese delegation, won the championship by breaking the Olympic record and won the fourth gold medal for the Chinese delegation at the Winter Olympics.

On February 12, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics speed skating men's 500m final was held at the "Ice Ribbon" at the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium.

China's Gao Tingyu broke the Olympic record with a time of 34.32 seconds and won the championship.

This is the first time China has won a gold medal in the men's speed skating event at the Winter Olympics.

The picture shows Gao Tingyu at the award ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jun

Gao Tingyu broke the record to win the Chinese speed skating three Olympic Games three breakthroughs

  In the "Ice Ribbon" that day, Gao Tingyu, who played in the seventh group, broke the Olympic record with a time of 34.32 seconds and ranked first at the time.

After 15 groups of 30 players finished the competition, Gao Tingyu still maintained the lead and finally won the championship, which is also the first gold medal for the Chinese men's speed skating event at the Winter Olympics.

  At the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, 20-year-old Gao Tingyu won the bronze medal in this event, achieving a breakthrough of zero medals in the men's speed skating Winter Olympics for China; at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Zhang Hong was in speed skating. She won the gold medal in the women's 1000m skating final, winning China's first Winter Olympic gold medal in speed skating.

Three major breakthroughs have been achieved in the three consecutive Winter Olympics, and the progress of the Chinese speed skating team also reflects the "Chinese speed".

  Coincidentally, Gao Tingyu and Zhang Hong, who won the championship 8 years ago, both started in the seventh group, and Gao Tingyu was 0.07 seconds ahead of the second South Korean player, Cha Minkui.

  The "Ice Ribbon" also held the quarter-finals of the speed skating women's team pursuit competition on the same day, and the Chinese team ranked fifth and missed the semi-finals.

The Japanese team broke the Olympic record with a time of 2:53.61 and advanced to the semifinals hand in hand with Canada, the Netherlands and the Russian Olympic Committee.

On February 11, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics women's bobsleigh competition was held at the National Snowmobile Center.

The picture shows Chinese player Zhao Dan in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter He Penglei

The steel frame snowmobile fills the gap, and the ice dance is successfully promoted

  In the steel frame snowmobile arena where Yan Wengang achieved a historic breakthrough for the Chinese team with a bronze medal, the last two rounds of the women's event were ushered in on the 12th.

Zhao Dan, who is also the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation with Gao Tingyu, won the ninth place, and another Chinese player Li Yuxi ranked 14th.

  Because it is the first time that the Chinese women's bobsleigh skaters appear in the Winter Olympics, this result also fills the gap in the Chinese team's Winter Olympics performance in this event.

  After the first two rounds of the event on the 11th, Zhao Dan ranked fourth.

In the third round, which took the lead on the 12th, Zhao Dan made a mistake and the ranking dropped to ninth.

Germany's Hannah Neiser won the gold medal in the event.

  The figure skating field held an ice dance rhythm dance competition on the 12th. The Chinese group Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu scored 73.41 points, ranking 12th and advanced to the free dance stage on the 13th.

  At the last Winter Olympics, Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu ranked 22nd in the rhythmic dance and missed the free dance.

Compared with four years ago, the progress of Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu is obvious to all.

  On the day of cross-country skiing, the women's 4×5 km relay race was held. The Chinese team, consisting of Chi Chunxue, Li Xin, Bayani Garin and Ma Qinghua, won the tenth place, creating the most Olympic Winter Games for the Chinese team in this event. Good results, the Russian Olympic Committee team, the German team and the Swedish team won gold, silver and bronze medals.

On February 12, the fifth round of the men's curling round-robin competition of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held at the "Ice Cube" of the National Swimming Center. The Chinese team played against the Italian team.

The picture shows the Chinese team players in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jun

Chinese women's curling upset win over Sweden's men's ice hockey two-game losing streak

  The curling arena continues with a round robin.

The three-game losing streak of the Chinese women's curling team broke out on the evening of the 12th, defeating the defending champion Sweden 9:6, and won the first victory at the Winter Olympics; the Chinese men's curling team led by Ma Xiuyue played well , defeated the Italian team 12-9 and won two consecutive victories.

  On the 13th, the Chinese men's curling team will usher in two matches a day, facing the British team and the American team respectively.

The Chinese women's team will strive for two consecutive victories against the South Korean team.

  Men's ice hockey is in the second round of the group stage. The Chinese men's ice hockey team, which lost 0:8 to the US team in the first game, lost 2:3 to the German team and suffered a two-game losing streak.

However, in this campaign, facing the runner-up of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and the German team ranked fifth in the world, the Chinese team, which participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time, scored two goals in a row after falling behind 0:3.

  Women's ice hockey played two quarter-finals. Switzerland and Finland defeated the Russian Olympic Committee and Japan respectively, and joined the US and Canada in the semi-finals.