Winter Olympics 1+1丨Breakthrough after inheritance!

These "moments" inside and outside the Winter Olympics are unforgettable

  On February 12, the Beijing Winter Olympics ushered in the eighth day of competition. China's Gao Tingyu won the men's 500m speed skating championship!

Men's ice hockey China VS Germany 2:3, although defeated!

  What are some unforgettable "moments" on and off the field?

What are the "keywords" and "voices" that belong to this day?

What kind of Winter Olympics will Yang Yang, Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Athletes Committee bring to the appointment of Bai Yang?

  The breakthrough behind Gao Tingyu's gold medal

  In the men's 500-meter speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on the evening of February 12, Chinese athlete Gao Tingyu broke the Olympic record and won the gold medal with a time of 34.32 seconds.

  Bai Yansong: I think many families had a very happy dinner today, because Gao Tingyu used this gold medal to serve a "big dish" to every family.

Today this gold medal completed two important breakthroughs.

  ① This is the first time that a male player has won a gold medal in speed skating at the Winter Olympics in China's history, and even a female player only has two gold medals.

The last one was the gold medal Zhang Hong won in the women's 1000m speed skating competition eight years ago.

Therefore, today's breakthrough is invaluable, and Gao Tingyu has become a "double flag-bearer". He is the flag-bearer of the Chinese sports delegation in this Winter Olympics, and will also become the absolute leader in this project.

  ② The second breakthrough.

Gao Tingyu is the first flag-bearer to win a gold medal since China participated in the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics, which was rare in the past, because in many summer Olympics, our flag-bearers are men's basketball players, and the men's basketball team wants to win the gold medal. It is very difficult, so this time Gao Tingyu completely broke the so-called "curse" of the so-called flag-bearer that it is difficult to win cards, and won the gold medal directly.

In addition, speed skating is an event that all sports fans in China are particularly eager to make breakthroughs in winter. There are 14 gold medals in speed skating at this Winter Olympics, which is the most gold medals in all events, so everyone remembers speed skating. The Dutch team is very strong.

If we can gradually achieve a breakthrough from short to long, the number of gold medals and medals in our Winter Olympics in the future is very worth looking forward to.

Another point is that in the speed skating arena, there are very few factors such as referee accidents, and it is hard power to fight, so this is also a very important feature.

  Yang Yang: Breakthrough after passing on from generation to generation

  Yang Yang, Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Committee: I am particularly honored to witness Gao Tingyu's breakthrough at the men's 500m speed skating final.

In fact, speed skating is the oldest event in our history of winter sports.

From the first time we sent a delegation to the Winter Olympics in 1980, speed skating was an important sport we participated in.

Teacher Zhao Weichang, who was the first torchbearer to run into the Bird's Nest at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics two days ago, won the 31st place in the men's 500m speed skating at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics.

Therefore, it should be from 1980 that everyone began to dream that one day they would be able to achieve a breakthrough of zero speed skating gold medals.

In 2014, the female athlete Zhang Hong took the lead in breaking through, but for men, we actually have a tradition in the short distance. For example, from Luo Zhihuan to Song Chen, and Liu Hongbo once won the world championship. He won the fourth place in the Olympic Games, so today I went to Gao Tingyu, who won the bronze medal in the last Winter Olympics. In this session, he finally achieved a breakthrough in the men's 500-meter short distance.

When I think about the history passed down from generation to generation, I feel that it is really not easy, so I especially congratulate Gao Tingyu for achieving such a breakthrough today.

  Ice Ribbon's Ice is a record-breaking ice

  Bai Yansong: The Ice Ribbon keeps breaking records every competition day. When everyone mentioned the Winter Olympics in the past, they felt that breaking the record would be a unique expectation for the plateau venues. The higher the plateau, the easier it was to break the record. "Changed that.

Because Beijing’s altitude is not high, the Olympic record is still being broken, especially the world record. Today, Gao Tingyu also broke the Olympic record. Therefore, the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium is a venue worth talking about in the future. place.

The "Ice Ribbon" is also the only newly-built venue for ice competitions in China during the preparations for the Winter Olympics.

  The Chinese men's ice hockey team is still proud of the defeat

  On the afternoon of the 12th, the Chinese men's ice hockey team ushered in the second opponent in the group stage, the silver medalist of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the German team.

In the end, the Chinese team lost 2:3 to Germany, and competed with the strong European powerhouse Germany. Although they lost the game, the boys showed their momentum and pulled two goals in a row when they were 0:3 behind.

The first goal scored by Fu Shuai created the history of the first goal of the Chinese men's ice hockey team at the Winter Olympics.

  Bai Yansong: My personal concern is that we have the courage to lose and the ability to strive for the least losses. After all, this is the first time that the Chinese ice hockey team has entered the Winter Olympics. It's not easy.

For example, Ye Jinguang, the captain of the Chinese ice hockey team, once posted on Weibo, which almost made me cry.

He said, "Let the world remember that we have been here." "If there is a Chinese athlete who stands on the highest stage of ice hockey in 20 years, and people ask him why he practices ice hockey, he will answer that in 2022, I watched the Chinese team. That is This is the success of our generation." These words were candid and made people feel tears, and then blood boiled, this is the mission of this generation of ice hockey players, and they came and left a clear mark, everyone's expectation is With one goal, they not only scored but also scored two goals against Germany today, losing the game by such a narrow margin of 2:3.

This should actually be greatly appreciated.

I would like to say, not because this Winter Olympics was held in Beijing, our previous investment was very, very good, the next one will not be held here, but we must continue to invest, maybe it is difficult for us to participate in the competition. Qualification for the Winter Olympics, but if you persist, you will have good results.

  Beijing Winter Olympics becomes highest-rated Winter Olympics so far

  Bai Yansong: As of February 10th, the Beijing Winter Olympics have set a new record for Winter Olympics viewership. By February 10th, 515 million people in mainland China and Macau have watched the games, and more than 100 million viewers in the United States have watched the games through their own channels. 's broadcast network watched the Beijing Winter Olympics, and everyone was happily watching.

More importantly, many athletes have wonderful and happy performances, so as to detonate everyone's happiness.