With the energy of Cha Jun-hwan, who wrote a new history of male figure skating, Yoo Young, the leading female figure skating player, continues the challenge.

She is aiming for her best performance after Yuna Kim, but the key to success is the success of the 'Triple Axel'.

Correspondent Seo Dae-won.


Yooyoung, who entered Korea six days before the game, focused on training in the high-level three-and-a-half jump and 'triple axel' while adjusting to the ice quality.

She still has her success rate around 50%, but little by little she's boosting her confidence.

[Swimming/figure skating national team: I think I'm fine in terms of condition, but now I'm trying to practice a little by reducing tension and landing (landing) a triple axel.]

4 years ago when I was 14, 1st place in the national selection Yoo Young, who was unable to attend the Olympics due to age restrictions even though she competed in the Pyeongchang Olympics, surpasses Dabin Choi in 7th place and challenges her best performance since Yuna Kim.

[Yooyoung / National figure skating representative: Unfortunately, she couldn't attend the Pyeongchang Olympics, but she seems to be able to relieve that sadness this time, so I'm very proud...


She's 7th in this season's best score rankings, but if you take out 3 Russians, the gap isn't that big, so if you're just playing clean, it's worth trying to reach 5th.

Yoo Young watched Cha Jun-hwan's propaganda on the spot and strengthened her resolve.

[Yooyoung/figure skating national team: I hope I can show you an acting that does not leave regrets or regrets.

thank you.]

Kim Ye-rim, who competes with Yoo Young, arrived in Beijing today (11th).

Following Cha Jun-hwan, who wrote a new history in Beijing, the time for Korean female figure skating is approaching.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: Jeong-taek Lee)