Professional baseball coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo of Nippon Ham was instructed in the second army for the third time at the Okinawa camp.

On the 10th, Director Shinjo revisited Kunigami Village, a campsite for the 2nd army, and saw pitchers pitching with a bullpen with former Hanshin Tigers Kyuji Fujikawa, who visited for coverage as a baseball critic.

Mr. Fujikawa, who was requested by Director Shinjo to play an advisory role, told pitcher Kosei Yoshida, who is in his fourth year as a professional pitcher, how to throw to improve the quality of fastballs and how to improve control by using the axis of his body.

Pitcher Yoshida, who threw in while receiving advice, said, "I was going to stick to the straight and play catch, but when I heard Mr. Fujikawa's story, I thought that the way of thinking about the straight was still sweet. I will play an active part in the 1st army from now on. I want to polish the straight as a weapon that I can do. "

Director Shinjo said, "Pitcher Yoshida was completely different from the ball line I saw last time, and I thought it was amazing because it changed in this moment. Professional baseball is the one that doesn't come back even if you try to fix it. The player who grows up without forgetting what he was taught is a good player, and I think that he should always practice repeatedly when he has free time. I was talking.