On the evening of February 8, the award ceremony for the women's freestyle skiing platform at the Beijing Winter Olympics was held at the Beijing Awards Plaza. China's Gu Ailing won the championship (middle), France's Tess Luder won the runner-up (left), and Switzerland's Mathil De Greymode won the third place (right).

The picture shows the three contestants at the award ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jun

  China News Service, Beijing, February 9 (Reporter Chen Hang) Gao Tian, ​​Deputy Director of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said at a press conference on the 9th that during the Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing Awards Plaza and Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza were established. Medals were awarded for 81 projects.

The award plaza has been in operation for three days since February 6, and awards ceremonies for 20 projects have been held.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has arranged the awards schedule according to the competition schedule. From February 6th, there will be a live performance in the awards plaza at 7:00 every night, and the award ceremony will officially start at 7:30.

The two awards plazas cross awards. When the awards are presented in the Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza, the audience in Beijing can watch the awards on the big screen, and when the awards are presented in the Beijing Awards Plaza, the audience in Zhangjiakou can also watch the awards on the big screen.