Winter Olympics 1+1丨Bai Yansong talks to Yang Yang: How do you view the mistakes and losses of athletes?

  Ren Ziwei won gold, Su Yiming won silver, and Gu Ailing won gold with difficult moves. What are the unforgettable "moments" and "sounds" on and off the field?

What are the "keywords" that belong to today?

"Aspen's Covenant", what kind of Winter Olympics observations will Yang Yang, Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Athletes Committee bring?

Wonderful moment: Gu Ailing wins the championship

  February 8 is the 4th competition day after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has entered the opening ceremony. A total of 10 gold medals were produced throughout the day, and it was also the day when the Chinese sports delegation had another gold medal in the account. On this day, our "Princess Frog" took us to "take off" together. Gu Ailing showed her big heart vividly and vividly. Let's review the wonderful moments when Gu Ailing won the championship.

  Gu Ailing's gold medal not only became the first snow-related gold medal for a Chinese woman in the Winter Olympics, but more importantly, her gold medal means that we have just 4 days since the official competition day, and the number of gold medals has reached 3. , has tied our second gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics. Our most gold medal is the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, with 5 gold medals, and the second is the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. .

Bai Yansong: There is a reason for Yuzuru Hanyu's popularity

  Not long after Gu Ailing won the gold medal, the long-awaited Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu finally made his debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Next, let's review Yuzuru Hanyu's performance.

  Bai Yansong: It is normal for everyone to pay attention to Yuzuru Hanyu. After all, he represents the highest level in this field in the past two Winter Olympics.

At the same time, from the perspective of many Chinese figure skating fans, they also pay attention to Hanyu's particularly good interaction with some of our team members. For example, once he and Jin Boyang were holding the national flag when they received the award together. He saw Jin Boyang's flag. Taking it the other way around, he took the initiative to help Jin Boyang transfer the flag.

Another time, he collided with our player Yan Han, and both of them were bleeding. After he stopped the bleeding, he immediately went to Yan Han and asked, how are you hurt?

Such small details make Chinese sports fans especially like him in addition to his skills.

This time, Chinese sports fans will also cheer him on and applaud him, hoping that he will achieve better results in future games.

Yang Yang: Failure is part of growing up

  In the process of participating in the Olympic Games this time, the figure skating player Zhu Yi had a rough journey and received some different questions and voices, but he also performed very hard. Gu Ailing directly left a message when he was interviewed by reporters. Some easy evaluations.

  Bai Yansong: Yang Yang, you are an excellent athlete. You won the first gold medal in the Winter Olympics for China, but you must have experienced failures before. How do you think people think about the mistakes and failures of athletes?

  Yang Yang, Chairman of the Athletes Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games: I am a little fortunate that we did not have so many voices back then, or heard so many voices through so many channels, especially understanding the feelings of athletes.

In recent years, since the self-media has become more developed, the International Olympic Committee is very concerned about the pressure on athletes from these self-media during the competition.

Like Zhu Yi this time, I also saw all kinds of voices, which is especially unfair.

Because for athletes, there is no athlete who has entered the Olympic Games and does not want to bring out his best performance. Whether it is an individual event or a team event, sometimes the team event will be more tense, because his responsibilities will be more. Great, this is one.

The other is that athletes have failures and failures, and they are all part of their growth, so I also hope that at this time, we are just like parents. When we see failures in our children, we should give them more encouragement instead of saying Hit him in other ways.

  What I especially want to say to Zhu Yi is, don't care about the evaluations of those who don't matter, because only you know how much effort you put in to get to the Olympics, so enjoy your 19-year-old like Gu Ailing, Enjoy your Olympic journey, that's the most important thing.

  In the end, I was also very excited. As a veteran player, I was very moved to see the performance of these young players on the field. I can see that there is still a lot of beauty in the future, so I hope we can do something to make these beauty continue. Going down, there will be more beautiful things that can be presented to us.

I hope that Zhu Yi and Gu Ailing can get more understanding and support from everyone, including the upcoming short track speed skating competition, there are still many tough battles to be fought. I hope everyone will support them more and encourage them them.

  Bai Yansong: Thank you very much Yang Yang. At the same time, all of us do what we don't want to do. Don't do it to others. We applaud Gu Ailing, and at the same time, we want to cheer for Zhu Yi and many other athletes.