China News Service, February 8th. The American "Overseas Chinese News" reported that the Beijing Winter Olympics was held on the 4th. Dozens of representatives of Chinese political, business and overseas Chinese in Southern California said they watched the live broadcast, and everyone praised the opening of the Winter Olympics in unison. The style is stunning, shocking, atmospheric, and sci-fi. Everyone is proud of the prosperity of their home country and proud of Beijing's successful hosting of the Winter Olympics.

  Wang Xiulan, the former mayor of Walnut City in Southern California, said that she watched the report on the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on the 4th, and praised China for becoming the host country of the dual Olympics. The tools of political struggle are unfair to athletes of all countries.

"I have always supported the Olympics, and I will watch it no matter where it is held. The US-China Cultural Exchange Association held a 'Welcome to Tiggo and Celebrate the Winter Olympics' event a few days ago, and I invited Congressman Zhao Meixin to participate."

  He Junping, chairman of the Great Northwest General Chamber of Commerce, was also deeply shocked by the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

"Holding the Winter Olympics in Beijing at a time when the global epidemic has not yet ended is of great significance to the Chinese and people from all over the world."

  After watching the opening ceremony, Li Chenglin, a media person in Los Angeles, thought the choreography was great, showing the national culture, and reflecting the confidence of the Chinese people and the feeling of being brothers in the world.

Ren Chengyong, president of the Jilin General Chamber of Commerce in the United States, used the "high and high" to evaluate the Beijing Winter Olympics. The application of 5G technology, the live broadcast of 8K video, the design of the smart Olympic village and the shuttle of the driverless high-speed rail have left a deep impression on the outside world.

  Sun Wentie, chairman of the US-China Entrepreneurs Association, praised: "The Beijing Winter Olympics are extremely exciting! The venues are beautiful! World-class! Overseas Chinese are very excited to see the unprecedented grand occasion of the opening ceremony, which is amazing! Proud of the motherland! The success of the Winter Olympics was held. Let overseas Chinese have a straighter waist and speak more confidently"!

Chen Jie, president of the Los Angeles Women's Association, praised the ingenious conception and unique creativity of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, which fully demonstrated China's 5,000-year cultural heritage.

  Cai Chenghua, the former chairman of the "American China Association", said that while the epidemic is still in the world, Beijing successfully hosted the Winter Olympics, setting an example for global epidemic prevention.

A big country with a population of 1.4 billion has not only effectively controlled the epidemic, but also opened its doors to host the Olympic Games, which fully reflects the unity of the people and the advantages of the system. The light has also built a bridge for cultural exchanges and spread the friendship of people from all over the world.

China has fulfilled its promise and shouldered the responsibility of a major country.