(Beijing Winter Olympics) Event Preview: Ren Ziwei hits the third gold and China's "Shuangshu" embarks on the road to the championship

  China News Service, Beijing, February 8 (Reporter Wang Zumin) On February 9, there will be 6 gold medals in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Chinese player Ren Ziwei will compete in the men's 1500-meter short track speed skating arena. The third gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

  Short track speed skating: Ren Ziwei hits personal third gold

  After winning the mixed team and men's 1,000-meter gold medals, Chinese short-track speed skating star Ren Ziwei will challenge for his third gold medal at the Winter Olympics in the 1,500-meter field on the 9th.

  At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics four years ago, 19-year-old Ren Ziwei, as a member of the Chinese men's short track speed skating team, won the silver medal in the men's 5,000-meter relay, but failed in the individual event.

  In this Olympic cycle, Ren Ziwei has made rapid progress.

This season, Ren Ziwei has won three World Cup gold medals, two of which are in the 1500m.

Therefore, the 1500-meter arena can be regarded as his real home field. "The third gold in the short track, and Ren Ziwei" has also become the common expectation of the Chinese audience for him.

  The Chinese team has 3 people participating in this event. Ren Ziwei will work with his teammates Zhang Tianyi and Sun Long to strive for good results.

  The short track speed skating field will also hold the semifinals of the women's 3,000-meter relay and the women's 1,000-meter preliminaries.

Although the Chinese women's short track speed skating team has declined in recent years, its overall strength has remained above a high level, and it will be no problem to enter the final.

  Snowboarding: China's 'Shuangshu' debuts with Sean White on stage

  In the snowboard competition where Su Yiming won the silver medal in men's slope obstacle course, another Chinese team with the ability to win the championship will be ushered in on the 9th, the Chinese snowboard women's U-shaped field skill team.

  Chinese players Liu Jiayu, Cai Xuetong, Qiu Leng and Wu Shaotong will fight together in the women's U-shaped field skills qualifying match that day.

Among them, Liu Jiayu and Cai Xuetong, who are also veterans of the four dynasties of the Winter Olympics, are the favorites to win the championship.

At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics four years ago, Liu Jiayu won the silver medal, and Cai Xuetong won the World Cup annual championship for the seventh time this season.

  At this Winter Olympics, the biggest opponent of China's "Shuangshu" is defending champion Chloe King of the United States.

At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Chloe became the first "post-00" Winter Olympic champion.

  The men's U-shaped field skills qualifier will welcome the biggest star of this Winter Olympics snow event, 36-year-old American star Sean White.

The veteran of the five dynasties of the Winter Olympics is one of the most influential figures in the world's ice and snow sports and extreme sports. He has won three gold medals in this event in the previous four Winter Olympics.

Chinese players will strive to advance to the finals.

  On the day of the snowboard competition, there will be a gold medal in the women's obstacle course.

It is reported that the Tibetan teenager Yongqing Ram, who was previously on the list of the Chinese delegation, was injured, and the Chinese team will be replaced by Feng He, who is also 18 years old.

  Torchbearers set off for Nordic biathlon, Chinese men's curling team's first match against Sweden

  Nordic Biathlon on the 9th will produce a ski jumping par/cross-country skiing 10km gold medal.

This is the first time that Chinese players have appeared in the Winter Olympics in this event. "Post-00s" Zhao Jiawen will fill the gap in the Olympic achievements for the Chinese team.

  Zhao Jiawen was one of the last two torchbearers at the most-watched lighting ceremony at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The fact that he can get such an honor also proves the important value of the first Winter Olympics ticket he won for the Chinese team in this field for the development of snow sports in China.

  After the curling mixed doubles event ended, the men's curling battle resumed.

The Chinese team will face the Swedish team, which has won three consecutive World Championships, in the first round of the round robin.

  At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the Chinese men's curling team won the fourth place, creating its best result in the Winter Olympics.

Subsequently, the Chinese men's curling team missed the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and is now returning to the Winter Olympics after 8 years.