A study by the International Center for Independent Sports Studies in Switzerland revealed that Manchester United, the English Premier League football club, was the biggest loser in the transfer market in the last decade, having spent more than one billion euros on player contracts in this period.

The study said that United net expenses amounted to 1.075 billion euros since 2012, and that it spent 1.545 billion euros on transfers, while receiving 470 million euros from the sale of players.

United broke the Premier League record when they signed Paul Pogba in 2016 for 107 million euros, although he is not expected to get anything in return from the deal, after the French midfielder failed to live up to expectations, and he could leave the club on a free deal when it ends. Held next summer.

United also concluded other unsuccessful deals, including signing Anthony Martial for 43 million euros in 2015, and Donny van Beek, who cost him 47 million in 2020. These two players left the club on loan to Seville and Everton, respectively, last month.

And Manchester City ranked second in the list, with a net expenditure of 984 million euros, and he spent more on buying players than United, which is 1.699 billion euros, but he got 715 million euros from selling players.

French Paris Saint-Germain ranked third in the list with a total spending of 941 million euros, while Barcelona ranked fourth, with a total spending of 650 million euros despite his financial troubles last year that forced him to dispense with his Argentine star Lionel Messi.

But Saint-Germain, City and Barcelona won many titles in the past decade, while United's performance in this period greatly declined after the departure of its legendary former coach Alex Ferguson in 2013.

Since 2012, United have won the league title once, while City have won the local title 5 times, Saint-Germain 7 times, and Barcelona 5 times.

And the last title that United won was the European League in 2017, under the leadership of veteran Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho.

United are currently fourth in the English Premier League, 19 points behind their neighbors, champions and leaders, Manchester City, and were eliminated last Friday from the FA Cup after their defeat against the second-tier team, Middlesbrough.