The world elite is in place.

Duplantis has invited star names to "their own" indoor competition in IFU Arena - where all the top six jumpers from the Olympic final in Tokyo will start.

- It's exciting.

We're talking about my first own competition, and I wanted all the best pole vaulters in place.

Now we have it, it's big for me, says Duplantis to SVT Sport.

Among the names are double world champion Sam Kendricks, the gold medalist from the indoor European Championships 2017, Piotr Lisek, and the newly arrived American record holder and Olympic silver medalist from Tokyo Chris Nilsen.

Nilsen jumped 6.02 as late as last Saturday and is second in the world this year behind Duplantis (6.03).

- I know how good form Chris is in, he broke the American record a few days ago.

It's fun if we can have two guys jumping over six meters here in Uppsala.

Do you feel the pressure in your back?

- I always have a lot of pressure on me, I do not think so much about the other competitors.

If I do what I usually do, it's going to be okay.

Duplantis - who set a world record in Glasgow two years ago - was really close to finishing 6.19 in Berlin last Friday and feels that form is there.

- I always want to try to break world records, and it feels like I'm in good shape.

The indoor season is important for pole vaulters, it is a little easier to jump high, there is no bad weather or wind.

It's a little easier to jump high.

So there's always a better chance I'm jumping pretty high indoors.

What would it have been like to invite the home crowd to a world record?

- It would have been too good to be true.

I want to jump as high as I can tomorrow, for everyone in Uppsala who has supported me and watched TV.

I want to show everyone what I can do, I feel good so I do not know why I could not jump six meters or higher.

Do you think you will raise the bar to 6.19 tomorrow?

- I think so.

That's the goal and I know I can break world records, but it's not that easy.

As I jump now, I know I can jump six meters if everything goes well.

It's a little tougher to jump 6.19, everything has to be almost perfect, but maybe tomorrow, we'll see.

SVT broadcasts the gala on SVT2 / Play at 18.30-20.30.

CLIP: Duplantis won at 6.03 - three attempts at the world record (4 Feb 2022)

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See Duplanti's giant attempt in the final round.

Photo: TT / Sport1