The 6th is the 3rd day of the Beijing Olympics.

Snowboard women's slopestyle finals, figure skating groups, ski jumping men's individual normal hills, etc. will be held.

We will update the results of each competition on the 6th and the trends of Japanese athletes from time to time.

(* The time difference from Beijing is 1 hour. Local time is 1 hour later than Japan)

Women's Slope Style Final 1st Iwabuchi 4th Murase 6th (local 9:56)

Around 9:56 local.

After finishing the run of the Beijing Olympics, Reira Iwabuchi is in 4th place and Kokomo Murase is in 6th place.

The women's slope-style final will compete for the highest score of the three runs.

Snowboard Women's Slopestyle Final Starts (Around 9:30 Local)

From Japan, Kokomo Murase, who passed the qualifying in 2nd place, and Reira Iwabuchi, who passed in 11th place, will participate.

In this event, we aim to win the first Japanese medal through men and women.

Figure skating group qualifying final event women's single SP start (local 9:30)

In Japan, Wakaba Higuchi, who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, will appear in the eighth place in the running order.

Curling mixed doubles begins (local 9:05)

The curling mixed doubles, the fifth day of the qualifying league match has begun.

In the morning, there are two games, USA vs Czech Republic and England vs China.

China is paying attention to whether it will be a consecutive defeat stop with 4 consecutive losses after 2 consecutive wins.

On the other hand, in the mixed doubles, Italy, which has 6 wins and all wins by the 5th, has decided to break through the qualifying league.