At the Okinawa camp of professional baseball Nippon-Ham, director Tsuyoshi Shinjo played the first red and white game, and the game proceeded in a unique way, such as giving detailed instructions to the players using the microphone in the hall.

At the stadium in Nago City, the campsite of Nippon-Ham Fighters, the first red and white battle was held on the 6th, the 6th day after entering the camp. 2500 people visited.

In the red and white game, Shinjo had a big chance for the batter, and the defender was nervous about the pitcher and the fielder, so he assumed one out bases loaded for all at-bats.

When the red and white battle began, Shinjo used the microphone of the stadium to instruct the players in detail about the defensive position and how to take the lead of the runners, and also encouraged the players at bat in an unprecedented way. I proceeded.

After the red and white battle, at the entrance outside the stadium, the director himself gave a hat to 100 children and put on a hat while saying "Thank you for coming".

Director Shinjo commented on the aim of playing the red and white game on the assumption that the bases loaded with one out, "The batter will be confident if he hits in the most powerful scene. I thought it would be better. I was able to input by looking at the sense of distance of the player's defensive position, so I would like to explain to the individual. "

On the other hand, after being infected with the new coronavirus, three players, including pitcher Hiromi Itoh, who had completed the quarantine period, resumed training on the 6th at Kunigami Village, a campsite for the 2nd army, and began making adjustments.