The Beijing Winter Olympics, a global winter festival, has come to an end. 91 countries participated in the second Olympic Games in the midst of the COVID-19 situation and 

entered a fierce battle for 17 days.

By Bae Jeong-hoon from Beijing.


Unlike the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which was held without spectators, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games was attended by 20,000 spectators, 30% of the capacity.

Following the countdown to the start of the 24 seasons, as the cast members playing the role of ice hockey players flew the puck, the Olympic ring symbol rose onto the stage.

The opening ceremony, which was held under the theme of 'one world, one family', was simple and simple compared to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympics held at the same place 14 years ago.

However, the production using cutting-edge technology such as a super-large LED stage and artificial intelligence using the entire stadium was impressive.

Our team participated in the short track speed track, A-Rang Kim and Yoon-Ki Kwak, as the 73rd out of 91 countries to join the start of the global winter sports festival. Chinese President Xi


announced the opening of the Beijing Olympics with cheers from the audience, and

[Xi Jinping/President of China: Announcing the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.]

It was conducted by inserting a torch in the center of a large snowflake located in the center of the stadium.

The second Olympics in the era of Corona 19 started in Beijing, where both the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in one city for the first time in history.

The Beijing Olympics came to an end with a blazing torch.

Now, players from all over the world begin a full-fledged 17-day battle.