At the Beijing Olympics, snowboarder Tomoka Takeuchi, who will be participating in six consecutive tournaments, which is the largest number of Japanese women, practiced for the first time on the course at the venue and said, "I feel excited like going on an excursion."

Takeuchi is a leading figure who won the silver medal, which is the first medal for Japanese women on snowboarding, in the women's parallel giant slalom in the Sochi tournament.

The Winter Olympics will be the sixth consecutive participation in the Beijing Games, which is the largest number of Japanese girls.

On the 4th, at the venue "Genting Snow Park" in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, I practiced on the snow course for the first time since I entered the site.

Takeuchi checked the snow quality and the feeling of the board while sliding many times at the practice field next to the actual course.

Takeuchi said, "I heard that it's snow that gets caught when slipping, but it's not as difficult as I thought, and I think it's a good match. It's snow that other players also slip on, so I think it's important to attack from qualifying. I said.

For the Olympics, "It's the 6th tournament I hadn't imagined, so I'm very grateful and happy to be here. Until now, I'm nervous like an athletic meet where various people come to see me. There was a feeling, but this time I feel excited like going on an excursion, "he said." It is natural to feel responsible as an athlete and start off, but I want to enjoy it on that premise. " I was talking.

The parallel giant slalom of snowboarding will take place on the 8th of this month for both men and women.