Global Winter Festival The Beijing Winter Olympics will begin shortly after.

The Olympic Games will be held once again in Beijing, where the torch was lit 14 years ago, but the size of the opening ceremony has been reduced due to the corona virus.

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the first time in history, the Beijing National Stadium will host all the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.

Today (the 4th) marks the beginning of spring, but the current felt temperature is -8 degrees below zero.

While concerns about the spread of Corona 19 remain, the opening ceremony allowed about 20,000 spectators, 30% of the capacity, unlike the Tokyo Olympics, which were held without spectators.

The number and scale of the opening ceremony event will also be greatly reduced compared to the Beijing Summer Olympics 14 years ago.

About 3,000 performers will unfold 'Chinese Story' for 100 minutes under the theme of 'One World, One Family'.

[Zhang Yimou / General Director of the Opening Ceremony: The opening ceremony will contain the Chinese values, aesthetics, and world view.

People around the world will feel, 'There is something like this in China.']

The torch, which has been held for the past three days in Yanqing, Zhangjiakou, and the Great Wall, has arrived in Beijing today and is rushing here.

While the final igniter is veiled, general director Zhang Yimou is 'unprecedented'

Our team will be the 73rd among 91 participating countries to enter the short track, with Yoongi Kwak and A-rang Kim as joint riders.

The Korea Sports Association reduced the number of athletes attending the opening ceremony from 20 to 11, excluding snow events, in consideration of the cold and distance traveled.

Now the festival begins.

We support the challenge of Taegeuk warriors who dream of 'the glory of Beijing'.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, video editing: Nam Il)