Najm City confirms that the event has become a starting point for talents to develop their levels

Rubén Diaz: "Expo 2020" introduced new concepts for sports

Robin Diaz during his meeting with the talents and fans of Manchester City at "Expo 2020 Dubai".

Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

Manchester City star, Portuguese international Ruben Diaz, confirmed that "Expo 2020 Dubai" presented new concepts of sport in the history of international exhibitions. Diaz told "Emirates Today": "The Dubai exhibition, which succeeded in its uniqueness, not only by being the largest, but in bringing the world together under one dome, and the creative ideas it carried in terms of sustainability, opportunities and mobility, carried in another aspect of it a great diversity and quantity in terms of events. And the sporting events hosted by the exhibition, which contributed to achieving the same principles of sustainability, but rather in the sports field, through what these events offer in order to increase the spread and development of sports of all kinds.”

He explained: "The attendance of future generations of youngsters and talents for this number of sporting events, which exceeds more than 400 events, including 30 international championships, within six months, and the attendance of these talents for workshops and training sessions with the participation of the elite international sports stars who attended specifically to "Expo 2020". “It represents a fundamental pillar in increasing the spread of sports in itself, and a starting point for talents to develop their levels, which actually serves the continuity of the star industry and the future of sports.”

He added: "The solid and strong partnerships between Expo 2020 and giant sports organizations the size of Manchester City confirm the interest of those involved in the Dubai exhibition in the smallest details, including the sports aspect. The opportunity to meet young talents and the many fans of Man City in the Emirates.”

He continued, "This is my first visit to (Expo Dubai), but what I touched on the ground in my first impressions came to confirm that Dubai has already presented an exceptional version in the history of international exhibitions with distinction."

On the chances of City, the current leader of the English Premier League, in winning the “Premier League” title, Robben said: “We are working hard to maintain our lead, and to gift the club and its big fans a new title in the Premier League, and we look forward to moving forward with achievements, especially in the Champions League, and compensate We lost in the final of the last edition.”

And about the influence of his Spanish coach, Pepe Guardiola, he said: “Guardiola is one of the greatest coaches in the world, and you, as a player, must always listen to him, and carry out the tasks he asks of you, whether you are fully committed to training or in plans during matches, which often bring positive results.”

• Guardiola is one of the greatest coaches in the world, and as a player you should always listen to him.

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