have you heard

The saying that China's ice and snow sports are "hard to come out of Shanhaiguan"?

Subject to natural factors and other influences,

For a long time,

The area south of Shanhaiguan

The popularity of ice and snow sports is low.


Taking advantage of the momentum of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,

The ice and snow sports gradually "expanded from the south to the west to the east",

Completely break the confinement of "difficult to get out of Shanhaiguan".


Follow the long scroll of comics,

Take a green bus,

Go to the Winter Olympics.

Over Saihanba,

After passing through the Beijing competition area and the Yanqing competition area,

Arrived at Zhangjiakou competition area...

China's ice and snow sports not only went out of Shanhaiguan, but also

It will also show its glory in the Winter Olympics.

trust our athletes

in a game at home

Must be able to achieve success again and again!

Team China, come on!

Copywriter/comic: Zhang Fan