Days after the early exit from the African Nations Cup, the Algerian national team witnessed the first resignation of its administrative staff, amid expectations that the next stage will witness more changes as a result of the great failure in Cameroon.

Amin Al-Abdi, the managing director of the national team, submitted his resignation today, Monday, from his position, and the news website "Sports News Decade" revealed that Al-Abdi was subjected to intense pressure from the President of the Federation, Sharaf Al-Din Emara, to force him to leave his position.

The website indicated that the report of the national team coach, Jamal Belmadi, was not in favor of Abdi, who has been in office since 2019.

Other sources expected that the team would witness many changes through the dismissal of a number of administrators, and did not rule out that the change would also affect the head of the federation itself, even after a while.

It is noteworthy that the Algerian team (the title holder) is bottom of Group E standings - which also included the teams of Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone - with one point, to be eliminated from the tournament from the first round.