It was not a great event we were invited to when Timrå received Linköping in NHC Arena, but we got to see a really nice decisive goal by Timrås Viktor Lodin who did not hesitate when he got a shot in powerplay in the middle of the third period.

The pass from Nolan Zajac was not exactly but Lodin pulled for the king and motherland and saw his finish find its way into the far cross behind the LHC's goalkeeper Marcus Högberg.

- I got the puck a little too far forward, I think, but maybe it was just as good, says Lodin who got a real solid pusher behind the LHC's goal in a situation just before the 2-1 goal.

- Maybe it was good that that happened so you really pushed the puck when you got the chance, says Lodin.

The victory was Timrås' eighth in the last ten home matches and now they only have one point up to Malmö above the line.

- We thrive at home and always get good support from the audience, few make it easier to play, says Lodin.

That there will be a negative qualifier is not something he worries about.

- We do not give up, we continue to rub on.

We will not play any qualifiers, we will be up in the table.

Linköping's coach Klas Östman was not completely satisfied with the effort.

- There were a lot of random chances after individual trouble.

We have to go home and lick the wounds and then we will make sure that we are back on the horse on Thursday when we meet Djurgården.

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SVT Sports expert Håkan Loob lists SHL's five biggest players.

Photo: Bildbyrån