Sekiwake Mitakeumi, who won the championship for the third time at the first place of sumo wrestling and secured the promotion to Ozeki, attended a press conference one night after Chiakiraku and talked about the image of Ozeki aiming to "take a sumo wrestling with more spirit than others". ..

Mitakeumi won the championship for the third time since the fall of Reiwa with a record of 13 wins and 2 losses, including defeating Yokozuna Terunofuji at the first place held until the 23rd.

About Mitakeumi The Japan Sumo Association will hold an extraordinary board meeting for promotion to Ozeki, and the promotion of Mitakeumi to Ozeki is certain.

Mitakeumi attended a press conference online at the dawn of Chiakiraku and said, "I think I was able to take a sumo wrestling with an unprecedented spirit." Did.

Regarding the fact that the promotion to Ozeki was confirmed, Mitakeumi said, "I think it was a long time. I strongly felt that I had to be an absolute existence. I was disappointed that I was overtaken by various Sekitori, but I am glad that I was able to rise here. "

On top of that, I want to be called "Ozeki that I can't get close to," but I can't do it because of my personality, so I want to go with Frank Ozeki. I mentioned the statue of Ozeki.

The Japan Sumo Association is planning to hold a Banzuke organization meeting and an extraordinary board meeting on the 26th.

Ozeki is the first wrestler from Nagano prefecture in 227 years since Raiden.

Raiden Tameemon is a legendary Ozeki who demonstrated unrivaled strength during the Edo period, and was promoted to Ozeki in 1795, in the 7th year of Kansei.

Originally from Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, he is 1 meter and 97 centimeters tall, weighs 169 kilograms, and has a large body and superhuman strength.

At that time, Ozeki was the highest ranked player, and while he won 254 wins in the Makuuchi, he was said to have lost only 10 times. Side by side, it is engraved with "Unrivaled Rikishi Raiden Tameemon".

Mitakeumi, who will be promoted to Ozeki for the first time in 227 years as a sumo wrestler from Nagano prefecture, said, "I don't really feel it, but I think it's a pressure to be promoted after a great senior. I think it's okay to be a wrestler who loses only once, "he said with a smile.