The four last World Cup competitions in jumping have been canceled and on Monday the news came that there will be no Gothenburg Horse Show this year.

- It is very sad and very sad, I was more and more sure that the competition would be over so it came as a little shock, says SVT's expert Lotta Björe.

Now it remains to be seen what will happen with the World Cup final in Leipzig, which according to the plans will be decided between 6-10 April.

In any case, it is clear that Jens Fredricson is qualified after his fine placements in Oslo and Verona.

- Jens Fredricson got a great start in Oslo and then he took points in Verona so I am very happy for him and a Swedish participant is better than no one at all.

I think he has good chances to be able to do something big and good too, the horse has gained a year of experience since last time and I think it will be very exciting.

I hope that this final will be over so there will not be another setback, says Björe.

Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli is in 20th place in the World Cup and can get the chance if a rebid is made.

- She definitely has a chance if that is what she wants to invest in.

Some horses do two championships in one year, it depends on what the plan is, but there is an absolute chance that we can have two Swedes in the final, says Lotta Björe.

CLIP: The Jerring Prize went to the national jumping team (January 17)

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The national jumping team won the Jerring Prize.

Photo: Bildbyrån