• In full doubt, OL have just had a second success in a row in Ligue 1 on Friday, beating AS Saint-Etienne thanks to a penalty from Moussa Dembélé (1-0).

  • In view of the execrable level of the meeting, one can wonder: have we just witnessed the worst derby in history?

  • On the side of OL as of ASSE, the players did not necessarily show a lucid observation after this football porridge disputed in front of 5,000 spectators in Décines.

At OL Park,

Nabil Fekir, Jimmy Briand, Christophe Delmotte, Dimitri Payet, Robert Beric and Alexander Söderlund all had to pinch themselves while skipping a derby that is so dear to them on Friday. All these players who scored matches that have become cult between OL and ASSE in the 21st century could not understand to what extent the dramaturgy and combativeness inherent in this clash, synonymous with regional supremacy, were totally lacking. . This 124th clash between Lyonnais and Stéphanois was like a trip to the end of boredom, with five small cumulative shots on target and a crying lack of intensity.

Even Lucas Paqueta did not stand out technically, except on a millimeter opening poorly concluded by Houssem Aouar (56th).

In the radius of technical drifts, we can cite the disastrous intervention of Timothée Kolodziejczak in full surface, offering the penalty of victory to Moussa Dembélé (1-0, 15th).

The former Lyonnais also almost completed his work with a very badly negotiated back pass in the direction of Paul Bernardoni.

And what about the 4 against 2 counter-attack parody harvested by the Aouar-Paqueta duo in the second period….

“The coach asked us to at least be there in the duels”

So much so that a gently provocative question arises: have we just witnessed the worst derby in history?

“It remains a derby, a different match, even if the level this evening was not up to what the supporters would have liked, points out Maxence Caqueret.

We saw a battle on the ground.

Yeah, for the battle dimension, you'll still have to go back.

“We lacked character and personality,” admits young Saint-Etienne midfielder Lucas Gourna-Douath.

A shame when you approach a derby as a Ligue 1 red lantern remaining on six defeats in a row, what is more with a leader of men like Pascal Dupraz freshly in place on the bench.

“The coach shook us up a bit at half-time, says Paul Bernardoni.

he asked us to let go, to at least be there in the duels.


The "very beautiful face of the Greens", really?

Unsurprisingly, the goalkeeper on loan from Angers pointed to the argument of the gauge of 5,000 spectators, “including 3,000 VIPs”, as an explanation for this absolute non-match.

Except that in a season spent entirely behind closed doors, the derby looked much better, between an exciting reversal of the situation in the first leg (from 0-1 to 2-1 thanks to Tino Kadewere's double) to the memorable


( 0-5) in the second leg in the Cauldron.

Apart from a very sad 0-0 in April 2006, when Gérard Houllier's OL reigned over Ligue 1, it is hard to imagine a more soporific derby than Friday's.

The delta between the exhilarating first leg (1-1), three months ago, and this winter purge, also says a lot about the ambient gloom among these "best enemies".

To round off an evening to quickly forget, we have concocted a Top 3 of the almost above-ground reactions of the players in this match.

  • Paul Bernardoni (ASSE): “I'm happy with the guys, we didn't give up and we had a great second period.

    It's just a small lack of success, it's pointless.

    Just the fact of not having the slightest chance in these 45 minutes that he enjoyed so much...

  • Lucas Gouna-Douath (ASSE): "We have a lot of regrets because in the second half, we showed a very good face for AS Saint-Etienne".

    OK, downright "a very beautiful face" for a team mocked from all sides by its own supporters and remaining on seven defeats in a row (2 wins in 21 Ligue 1 days), so?

  • Henrique (OL): “I think we played a big game today, with a big heart”.

    After all, the Greens do not have a monopoly on lunar interventions in the mixed zone.

    The Brazilian left-hander, Emerson's understudy, cannot seriously consider that the Lyonnais delivered "a big match" as their lack of creativity-finishing is glaring in such a match, especially in view of the opposition.

We would have almost omitted to mention the excessive use of the eternal (and inflating) "A derby, it is not played, it is won".

Have we already told you that we didn't particularly like our evening?


OL – ASSE: Moussa Dembélé allows Lyon to win an extremely disappointing derby….

Relive this short success (1-0) with us


OL-ASSE: Would Lyon supporters really be happy to see their “best enemies” sink in Ligue 2?

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