• At 26, Seko Fofana is having a great season at RC Lens.

  • The Lensois midfielder and captain continues to perform well.

  • Enough to arouse the interest of European clubs for a player who should pack his bags this summer.

In just two years, he managed to become a club icon. Arrived in Lens in July 2020, Seko Fofana, who is challenging OM this Saturday (9 p.m.) with Racing, has put Lensois supporters in the pocket thanks to his XXL performances. In recent weeks, his huge match against PSG, his double in the Coupe de France against Losc or his goal on the wire last Saturday in Saint-Etienne have made him enter a little more into the blood and gold legend.

For many, the club had not known such a strong player in the middle for at least fifteen years with Seydou Keita. "It's been a long time since we had a 'box-to-box' midfielder capable of projecting itself so far forward," rejoices Sébastien, president of the Iron Lens supporters group. He walks on water right now. He's a guy who knows how to be decisive, especially during the cup match against our sworn enemy [Losc]. And that is fun. He is also a very humble person. He always puts the group first. It really is a gem”

But then how did Racing manage to attract a Serie A player coveted at the time by several European heavyweights?

Just promoted to Ligue 1 in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the northern club was not really the favorite to poach the middle of Udinese.

RC Lens sports director Florent Ghisolfi tells

20 Minutes

how he worked in the spring of 2020. 

“You will be the king in Lens!


“It's the story of three crazy people, begins Florent Ghisolfi.

I never stop myself from trying a file, even if it is very difficult.

His agent is someone who thinks maybe a little differently than others.

And it's the same for Seko.

Even if we were promoted, Lens is not a club of losers.

Racing is attractive and has assets that can make players dream.


“My first speech was therefore to explain to him why he was going to be very happy and very important in Lens, continues Ghisolfi.

The sentence I said to him to convince him is: "You will be the king at Lens. It's up to you to see if you want to be the valet at AC Milan, Atalanta, Everton or Hertha Berlin".

The speech took.

He felt things and he came to visit Lens.


Biggest transfer in club history

Before signing, the future King Seko therefore went to soak up the Bollaert stadium, the La Gaillette training center before meeting Franck Haise, the Lensois coach. Successful seduction operation because, after this visit, Fofana gives his agreement to Racing which does not hesitate to pay 10 million euros, historical record of the club, to secure his services. "We knew it was going to cost us a bit for a promoted, but when such a player wants to join you, you have to do it," explains the club's sporting director.

A year and a half later, no one regrets this choice in Lens.

Neither the leaders nor Fofana, who also got closer to his family settled in the Paris region.

“With the Covid context, I was keen to return, to get closer to family, friends, said the player in an interview at the end of December for 

La Voix du Nord. 


I was used to living abroad.

Here, it's nice to be able to chat in the street with people.

I needed this stability and the club convinced me.

I am proud to represent Lens.


He refused to go to the CAN with Ivory Coast

Having become the boss of the Lensois game, the 26-year-old midfielder, very discreet off the field, has never seemed so strong.

“He likes the jersey he wears on his back and he wants to give the best for his supporters and for his club.

He is someone who walks on affect, and he needs to feel loved in order to give a lot.

He is marking an important era for the club, ”recognizes the Lensois sports director. 

Proof of his attachment to Racing, the Ivorian international, under contract until 2024, preferred to stay this winter in Lens rather than go and compete in the African Cup of Nations with his selection.

Enough to strengthen its rating with the Lensois public.

Less in Ivory Coast.

“It is a strong commitment to favor your club over your nation, appreciates Sébastien of Iron Lens.

He deserves all the respect of the fans."

A probable departure this summer

If the love story is beautiful, unfortunately it may end quickly.

Because Fofana's performances in the Lensois jersey leave no one indifferent in Europe.

Rumors of leaving this winter for England are already buzzing, even if the Lensois club is not panicking.

“We are very calm and we talk a lot with Seko, says Florent Ghisolfi.

We know he is fine here and that he will not leave on a whim.

He will leave one day or another, but no one is in a hurry.

I don't think it will happen this winter.

And then, this summer, he will listen to the projects that will present themselves to him and so will we.

In the meantime, live in the present moment and have fun!

“A priori, there are still five months to take advantage of it.


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