Does it ring?

Anyone who has ever held a ball in their hand should be warned about calls from an unknown number these days: it could be the national handball coach looking for supplies for the European Championship.

Alfred Gislason really cannot be envied for his previous experiences with the national team: postponement of the Olympics, Corona World Cup in Egypt, Covid games in Tokyo, Omicron European Championships in Bratislava.

The outcome for the German team seems to depend not insignificantly on the amount of Gislason's phone memory and the stability of the WLAN router in the team hotel when analyzing opponents on digital channels.

At the beginning of its third year, top-class sport in the pandemic challenges the ability for inner flexibility more than ever to a not inconsiderable extent - who would know better than Gislason?

But among the athletes who will be PCR tested in the coming days in order to then fly to the Winter Games, the handball scenario is likely to cause unrest.

Or to put it another way: Not that everyone who has ever sat on a sled will soon have to pay attention to the phone.