• An overwhelming majority of professional athletes are vaccinated in France.

  • The adoption of the vaccine pass will deprive the small remaining minority of a match, and often of training.

  • The UNFP and Provale, respective unions of football and rugby players, support the last recalcitrants.

From Monday, the vaccination pass will replace the health pass in France.

To enter a stadium, you will therefore have to present your sesame, whether you come to watch the show or do it.

In other words, the sportsmen, French and foreign, evolving regularly or punctually in our country, will not cut there.

We are therefore sheltered from a tragicomedy of the type “Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open”.

Especially since diehards are about as rare as serve and volley disciples in modern tennis.

“In Ligue 1, according to our figures, there are 95% of players vaccinated, details Sylvain Kastendeuch, co-president of the UNFP, the union of professional footballers.

They are a little less in Ligue 2 but we are not far from the same figure.


Guest of the program

C à vous

on France 5, on January 12, Didier Deschamps had revealed that "all the players are not vaccinated, or not completely" among the Blues, evoking "individual freedom" and without giving a name .

“98%” vaccinated in professional rugby

On the rugby side, the identity of some recalcitrants has leaked, especially on the side of La Rochelle (the South African Liebenberg) and Clermont (the New Zealander Moala and the Japanese Matsushima). “98% of Top 14 and Pro D2 players are vaccinated, however, specifies Mathieu Giudicelli, the general manager of the Provale union. And that number is changing as hitherto reluctant people are starting to take the plunge. This represents around twenty players out of 30 professional clubs. And among the number, some were positive for Covid, which gives an additional three months. »

The Fijian from Stade Français Waisea Nayacelavu ticks both boxes.

"Waisea contracted the virus a few weeks ago so today he is autoimmune," Thomas Lombard, general manager of the Parisian club, told AFP on Monday.

But, when he will come out of his immunity, he will be vaccinated.

We talked about it with him.


The vaccination pass has been adopted.

As soon as the law is promulgated, it will become mandatory to enter public buildings already subject to the health pass (stadium, theater or lounge) for all spectators, practitioners, French or foreign professionals 1/2

— Roxana Maracineanu (@RoxaMaracineanu) January 16, 2022

In other professional sports, the share of "rebels" also appears residual, as in basketball.

“With us, all the players are vaccinated, assures Martial Bellon, president of SIG Strasbourg.

Clearly, the vaccination pass will not be a concern.

The other professional basketball players?

I know that in December about ten players in the entire Betlic Elite were not vaccinated.


Whatever the reason that dictates their conduct, the athletes who have still not received their doses of Moderna or Pfizer are therefore part of a very minority population, and with increasingly restricted rights.

Until now, they could participate in competitions, provided they multiply the PCR tests.

It is now over, and many of them will not be able to train any more, unless they do so in a private enclosure that is not an ERP (establishment open to the public), as are the majority of sports complexes. .

"The noose is tightening"

“Players will no longer be able to do their job at all, remarks Sylvain Kastendeuch.

The noose is tightening.

Already some clubs were choosing to deprive themselves of non-vaccinated.

The pressure is enormous.

With the competition, you quickly lose your place.

Obviously, there will be people in pain.

We have people calling, worried about what's next.


Same story with rugby players.

“These are often players from other countries, with a different culture, strong religious convictions, notes Mathieu Giudicelli.

It is difficult for them.

They call Provale, we try to reassure them, to give them their rights.


“A Damocles sword of precariousness”

The law does not provide for the dismissal of non-vaccinated persons.

But they can still be worried.

“Employers are considering suspensions, failing to terminate contracts, with all the financial implications that entails,” says Kastendeuch.

“The professional sportsman has a sword of Damocles of precariousness above his head, develops Giudicelli.

If overnight, we have players who see their contract suspended, this can have economic, family and other important consequences.


Because the five or six-figure monthly salaries of the stars of L1 or the Top 14 should not make us forget the much lower incomes of the trimmers of L2 or Pro D2.

Especially since a club will now probably think twice before extending or recruiting an opponent of vaccination.

The last recalcitrants just have to pray that the vaccine pass disappears as soon as possible.

Not sure that they find much comfort with Olivier Véran: "We will apply the vaccination pass for as long as necessary but not longer than necessary", dropped the Minister of Health on Thursday, according to which the appearance of a new variant after Omicron "could be a game-changer".


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