He said he was very impressed with what he saw at the Dubai Expo.

Majid Bougherra: The African Nations Cup is rising in value with the participation of stars such as Mahrez and Salah

  • Bougherra celebrates with Algerian player Youssef Belaili during the recent Arab Cup victory.

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The coach of the Algerian national team, Majid Bougherra, who led his country to win the last edition of the Arab Cup, which was hosted by Qatar at the end of last year, said that “the participation of great players with the value of Man City star, Algerian Riyad Mahrez, and Liverpool’s top scorer, Mohamed Salah, in the Nations Cup. Africa, which is currently hosted by Cameroon, raises the value of the tournament and increases its importance.”

Bougherra confirmed to "Emirates Today": "Mahrez and Salah are considered a pride for Arab football, along with other Arab players playing in Europe, and stars like them give motivation to future generations to raise the ceiling of their aspirations until we see other global stars, which puts the Arab player in a distinguished place among the world's stars. They also contributed greatly to the development of Arab football on a global level.”

Regarding the success he achieved, as coach of the Algerian national team, coupled with his previous successes when he was an international player in various clubs of the world, including his previous experience when he played and coached the Fujairah team, Bougherra said: “I was keen early on to gather experience from every station I ordered. , whether when I was a player or currently as a coach, and it is good for the player and coach to benefit from the experience in all the countries in which he plays or trains, because every day he learns something new, and the mentality and way of playing develop in him.” He explained: "I played in the Emirates, Qatar and Europe, and with the national team in Africa and the world, and through these stations I learned a lot, because one of the most important elements of football is "how to adapt" in the place you are, and your ability to deal with the problems you face anywhere." .

And about the special moments he experienced when he won the Arab Cup with his country, he said: “The tournament was like a mini World Cup.

The public and the sports facilities are at the highest level, especially since the tournament was organized by (FIFA), and all the teams were keen to excel, and played seriously, with caution and high passion, which was clear from the beginning, the fact that the atmosphere was wonderful.”

He said, "The players of the Algerian national team, especially those who play in the local league, had the opportunity to show their skills in the tournament, and that it was the right time for them to show their abilities in front of the scouts of the European leagues who followed the tournament."

He also said: “It is certain that one of the important things that distinguished the past Arab Cup, is that all teams came with the same mentality to compete strongly, and when the Algerian team started to advance in the Arab Championship, it found Arab teams with experience and passion to do something, and all of them were of quality and strength. High players.

Regarding the coming period, he refused to discuss the nature of the offers he received, or his next career, whether in Algeria or abroad, and said that these matters would come at the right time.

It is noteworthy that the Algerian national team had an amazing journey in the last Arab Cup, as it won the title after exciting matches against Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, and its most prominent star was Youssef Belaili, who was also chosen as the best player in the tournament, and received wide attention by a group of media outlets. Foreign media, amid talk of great offers for the player.

Expo Dubai

Majid Bougherra expressed his great admiration for the "Expo 2020 Dubai", describing the atmosphere as amazing, and said: "I visited the Expo with my family, and the truth is that I was amazed at what I found. You see all the countries of the world in one place, with a modern and distinctive infrastructure, drawings, pictures, shapes and things." Many distinctive and beautiful for different countries of the world.

He added, "It was also an opportunity for the family to visit all countries in one place, and to learn about the history of all countries and the beautiful things that are associated with them."

• "The Arab Cup gave the local Algerian players the opportunity to show their abilities in front of the scouts of the European leagues."

• "I played in the Emirates, Qatar and Europe, and with the national team in Africa and the world, and through these stations I learned a lot."

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