Maja Dahlqvist and Kevin Bolger, who were recently selected for the Olympics, were noticed already during the WC in Oberstdorf last year.

They were last seen at the sprint competition in Dresden before Christmas, but now they are both in Livigno.

The only problem is that both are in so-called "bubbles".

- It is clear that it is tough and boring.

They are in place in Livigno, but we keep two meters distance and mask.

- It's tough as well.

But none of us want to risk anything.

It's tough, but the Olympics are the Olympics and it's every four years.

Do not be disturbed by the press

Maja Dahlqvist is the favorite before the Olympics in Beijing as she has won all four World Cup sprints this season.

She is not disturbed by that press.

- I do not think anyone will do anything magical at the Olympics.

It's about believing in yourself and that what you do is enough.

Do not think that you should do any heavenly magic, it is really a regular competition when we go.

That's how I try to think.

Not to art it and not think too much.

The winners have given her confidence, something she can use in her riding.

- Self-confidence is quite important for us when it comes to positioning and dealing with oneself.

It is tactical in sprint races, if you do not take it for granted, someone else will do it.

She sees the Swedish sprint team as the strongest at the Olympics - and thinks it could be a big slam.

- I think it can be an all-Swedish stool.

That would be the dream.

ARCHIVE: Stina Nilsson's tribute to Maja Dahlqvist: "Deserves to be there" (December 12, 2021)

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Stina Nilsson's tribute to Maja Dahlqvist: "Deserves to be there"