[Beijing Winter Olympics] Changchun launched the "Ice Sports Holiday Hosting" activity

  [Explanation] Recently, many primary and secondary school students who love ice sports in Changchun, Jilin have achieved a "breakthrough" in skating technology. They practiced sliding and turning skills on the ice rink poured by Pingquan Primary School in Nanguan District, Changchun City.

January 20th is the "Great Cold" solar term, which still cannot stop the enthusiasm of nearly 100 primary and middle school students to learn skating.

  This primary school is known as Changchun's "cradle for training world champions".

As a national ice and snow school, the school has trained many world champions such as Li Jiajun, Chen Lu, Liang Wenhao and Chen Dequan.

  Today, the local "Ice Sports Project Holiday Hosting" in schools is very popular among children.

  [Concurrent] Sun Jingru, Section Chief of the Moral, Sports, Art and Health Section of the Education Bureau of Nanguan District, Changchun City

  (Changchun City) Nanguan District primary and secondary school winter vacation ice sports project holiday hosting activities, we have two ice rinks, one ice rink is for children to play ice and snow games, some draw ice monkeys, ice sledges, and pull Snow circle.

Then there is our professional ice rink for children to learn skating. From the first day of the holiday until February 20, we have a cycle every 5 days to let children know more about our Olympic (related) knowledge.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that Pingquan Primary School in Nanguan District, Changchun City has been pouring outdoor ice rinks for more than 30 years, so that students can learn about ice and snow sports, learn ice and snow sports knowledge, and master ice and snow sports skills.

  Today is the third day for the students to participate in the activity.

After warming up, they walked to the ice rink under the guidance of the coach. Some brave and fast learners have already "run laps" on the ice rink.

  Zhang Tingting is an E-level ice hockey coach in China and one of the coaches who led the children to learn skating that day.

She told reporters that after skating, children must be taught how to fall first, and safety is the first lesson in learning skating.

  [Concurrent] Coach Zhang Tingting

  Including safe falls, some let children have a basic psychological precaution, how to fall safely, and then teach children to slide, how to start from the basics, teach them to slide slowly, and swing little by little According to their movements, under the premise of safety, teach children how to learn to skate and feel the joy of skating.

  [Explanation] It is reported that in the "Ice Sports Holiday Hosting" activity, more than 3,000 primary and secondary school students in Changchun will participate in ice skills training and ice games.

  Lv Enqi from Changchun No. 56 Middle School felt unsatisfied after the day's activities.

He said that in the future, he plans to practice skating for a long time and try to compete as an athlete.

  [Concurrent] Primary school student Lv Enqi

  I've watched ice skating (competitions) before and I just love the way they feel like they're walking fast on the ice.

I love skating, so I want to train myself to skate better and go to competitions everywhere.

  Reported by reporter Lv Shengnan from Changchun

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]