The reporter learned from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Torch Relay press briefing held by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee this morning that the Beijing Winter Olympics Torch Relay will be held in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou from February 2 to 4. , including 11 closed transfer regions outside the closed loop, and one independent transfer region inside the closed loop.

Among them, there are 4 delivery areas in the Beijing competition area, 2 delivery areas in the Yanqing competition area, and 5 delivery areas in the Zhangjiakou competition area.

Specifically include:

  On February 2, the launching ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics Torch Relay will be held.

Afterwards, the torch will be relayed in Beijing Olympic Forest Park and Beijing Winter Olympic Park;

  On the morning of February 3, it will be delivered at Badaling Great Wall and World Grape Expo Park in Yanqing; in the afternoon, it will be delivered at Zhangjiakou Yangyuan Nihewan Ruins Park, Zhangbei Desheng Village, Zhangjiakou Industrial Culture Theme Park, Chongli Fulong Ski Resort, Zhangjiakou The Dajingmen site is passed on;

  On February 4, it will be delivered at the Summer Palace, Beijing Olympic Forest Park and Grand Canal Forest Park.

It should be noted that the relay in Orson Park on February 4 is a closed-loop relay, and about 50 torchbearers from the Olympic family will complete their torchbearer mission here.

  After the torch relay on February 2 and February 3, there will also be city evening demonstrations in Beijing and Zhangjiakou.

(Headquarters reporter Wang Xiaojie, Wang Feng, Chen Baoshan)