[Explanation] The children in the picture are from the Special Olympics short track speed skating team in Qitaihe City. In a warm scene, the "coach mother" they shouted excitedly was named Zhang Jie. In the 1990s, she won two consecutive women's 3000-meter relay championships at the World Winter Games and broke the world record in the short track speed skating world championships. The first person in Qitaihe city to win the world championship of short track speed track project, after retiring due to injury, he went abroad to study sports rehabilitation.

Zhang Jie told reporters that in this city with the smell of ice in the air, many able-bodied children have realized their dreams. She was thinking at that time, whether she could use her years of experience to make these special children in her hometown also Go on the ice, get healed, get happy?

  [Concurrent] Zhang Jie, coach of the Qitaihe Special Olympics Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team

  During the period of studying abroad, I was also thinking, um, can there be a group of children in our hometown, so can this group of children be combined with what I have learned, such as rehabilitation and care for an intellectually disabled person? At the same time, let them get first and foremost happiness from sports, and secondly, on this basis, he can improve in all aspects, can he be able to recover?

  [Explanation] With simple wishes and enthusiasm, Zhang Jie and her husband resolutely returned to their hometown in May 2014 and formed a speed skating team with the help of school leaders and the local government.

At first, the children did not understand her instructions at all, and it was difficult to walk and run. It took Zhang Jie three months to teach even the simple action of tying the shoelaces of skates.

After a class, it is usually hoarse and sweaty.

  [Explanation] In the face of many difficulties, Zhang Jie used love to cross the gaps.

"Big Treasure", "Little Apple", and "Mengmenda" Zhang Jie gave the children in the team her beloved nicknames. She hugged, supported and comforted them on the ice, using all the strength of her body and mind to support each and every one of them. a player.

Applying his own expertise, he formulated a scientific training plan for the children, summed up more than 1,000 training diaries with pictures and texts day and night, and innovated a variety of training methods.

The results of the team members also gave her a surprise that she hadn't expected at the time.

In the past 7 years, three members of the speed skating team have won 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the 11th World Winter Special Olympics.

At the 15th Summer Special Olympics, the three team members won 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Tang Chunlei, who won the gold medal at the 2017 World Winter Olympics in Vienna, Austria, is 24 years old. He joined the Special Olympics team in 2014. Now he is studying at Qitaihe Vocational Technician College and serving as an assistant in the Special Olympics team. His children can also experience the pride and joy of being a champion just like him.

  [Concurrent] Tang Chunlei, assistant coach of the Qitaihe Special Olympics Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team

  Like me, if you can represent China and Qitaihe, you can go out to compete, let them, and I also wish (bless) them, you can go to the world (all over the world), be happy, and be a world champion after all. Let them feel the joy of (being) world champions.

  [Commentary] Compared with the achievements of the children on the field, Zhang Jie is more willing to see them gain health and growth in the speed skating team. Beautiful life.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Jie, coach of the Qitaihe Special Olympics Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team

  Our team's Da Anmin has already gone to work and is a courier brother in a courier company. Then, our Datang and Mengmeng have already gone to school, and it is unimaginable to study in a university.

Therefore, so many of our children have gone to the society and have lightened the burden for the family and society. We see the greatness of this cause, the light and hope of this cause, and our goal is to make children more and more Happy, getting healthier, and recovering to the maximum close to our able-bodied people.

  [Commentary] Talking about the course of the past 7 years, Zhang Jie was a little choked up. In addition to the hardships behind him, he was more moved, and moved by the care and dedication of the people in this city for the children of the Special Olympics team.

She said that as long as the children are getting better and better, she will always be young and always on the road.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Jie, coach of the Qitaihe Special Olympics Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team

  As long as the children are getting better and better, we are all like young people.

Just now the child said, "Coach mom, why do I look at you with a white hair? I said don't tell me, coach mom is still young, we will always be young people, we have been on the road, because there are so many warm people in society, Our big family, the big family of Qitaihe is supporting the children. I have nothing to worry about. I don’t remember how hard it was at that time. I only remember that there were so many people along the way. Give us warmth, give us strength, I just want to say, I want to give back to our hometown Qitaihe, and I also think that this city needs us coaches to come back to help these children and this cause. Bar.

  Li Jiangming Zhou Zhibo reports from Qitaihe, Heilongjiang

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]