The youngest member of the women's figure skating team, 17-year-old Lee Hae-in, finished second in the short program of the Four Continents Championships with the highest score of the season, raising the possibility of her first medal on the senior stage. 

Lee Hae-in, who was expected as 'Kim Yuna's successor' during her junior days, experienced an unexpected slump this season when she debuted on the senior stage.

From the triple lutz-triple toe loop consecutive jumps, he shuffled cleanly and performed all technical tasks perfectly without a single mistake.

After Lee Hae-in, who recorded the season's highest score of 69.97, and Mihara of Japan, he came in second place, raising the possibility of his first medal on the senior stage.

Kim Ye-rim, who will be participating in the Beijing Olympics, took third place with 68.93 points for her neat performance, and Yoo-young placed fourth with a disappointing first jump mistake.