FIFA has launched the first phase of ticket sales for the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar.

FIFA has allocated a link to book World Cup tickets through its platform:

According to the "Projects and Legacy Committee" website, there are various sets of tickets, with the aim of attracting football fans from the region and the world, to enjoy the matches of the upcoming tournament.

The first phase of ticket sales for #Qatar 2022 World Cup has now started 🏆

Tickets from inside Qatar are available exclusively for “Visa” customers, and for fans outside the State of Qatar, “Visa” cards and others can be used to book tickets

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He added, "The first phase begins at 1 pm today, Doha time, and ends on the eighth of next February at 1 pm, during which fans have the opportunity to submit their requests to book tickets through the website."

The website indicated that all applicants will have equal opportunities to purchase tickets, whether they are applicants on the first day, the last day, or any time in between, as the allocation of tickets begins after the submission of applications ends.

She indicated that when requests exceed the available numbers of match tickets for fans from inside or outside Qatar, tickets will be allocated to applicants using the lottery system.

Nasser Al-Khater, CEO of the tournament, said, "Qatar's hosting of the first edition of the tournament in the Middle East and the Arab world is an exceptional event that celebrates the passion of the peoples of the region and the world for the round witch."

He added, "We are all looking forward to the launch of the World Cup, welcoming the fans in Qatar to a global football celebration, giving everyone the opportunity to express their passion for football, discovering a new culture and enjoying unparalleled experiences in Qatar and the region for the first time."

At this stage, fans can submit their requests to purchase 4 sets of tickets, including tickets to attend one match, as well as tickets for all matches of one of the participating teams, targeting fans who want to attend matches for a specific team throughout the tournament.

Tickets are also available to attend 4 matches in 4 World Cup stadiums. This new set of tickets provides an opportunity to get to know Qatar 2022 stadiums closely.

The site concluded by saying, "Fans with disabilities have the opportunity to attend the tournament matches in an appropriate atmosphere, as tickets are available for this basic category of fans."

He stressed the availability of facilities and spaces designated for people with mobility disabilities and people with special needs, available within all the previous three sets of tickets.

Welcome to the first Arab edition of the FIFA World Cup

Our date is on November 21 #Qatar 2022

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World Cup ticket prices

The prices of the different ticket packages are divided into different categories besides people with special needs. The prices of a single match package range from 800 to 5850 Qatari riyals for the first category, 600 to 3650 for the second category, 250 to 2200 for the third, and 40 to 750 for the fourth, depending on the match selected in the tournament.

While the prices of a single team match package ranged between 2,640 and 15708 Qatari riyals for the first category, 1980 to 10615 for the second category, and 825 to 5885 for the third category, depending on the chosen team.

As for the third package, for attending 4 matches in 4 different stadiums, the prices of the first category ranged between 3200 to 4650 Qatari riyals, 2400 to 3400 for the second category, and a thousand to 1850 for the third category, according to the selected stadiums.