[Commentary] Snowflakes flying, horseshoes galloping, riders flying... A field of passionate ice and snow sports kicked off in Xinjiang, and China's frontier and Beijing welcomed the Winter Olympics.

On January 16, the first Altay Ski Festival and the 16th Anniversary of the Origin of Human Skiing were grandly opened at Jiangjunshan International Ski Resort in Altay, Xinjiang. Tourists from all over the country gathered in Altay, the snow capital, to share a feast of ice and snow.

  [Commentary] At the opening ceremony, cheerful singing and dancing, and various ski performances made the atmosphere of the scene instantly warm. The highly skilled alpine skiing performance and the ancient fur skiing team composed of hundreds of people descended neatly from the mountain. The audience was a feast for the eyes, and performer Zula Timurgave was part of the ancient fur-skiing team.

  [Same period] Zula Timurgafu, an ancient fur ski performer

  Today, I am very happy to participate in the fur skiing exhibition. Since my father is the inheritor of the ancient fur skiing, I have been exposed to this ancient fur skiing since I was a child, and I can make it myself. The fur skis can go up the slope, no matter how big the slope is. Fur skis can go up.

  [Explanation] At the ski festival warm-up event "Meet the Snow to Welcome the Winter Olympics" horse racing conference, the horses' hoofs were flying and the ice and snow were flying on the field.

The riders are valiant and full of style.

While immersed in the world of ice and snow, tourists who come to watch the race watch the racers compete fiercely and experience a different kind of ice and snow folklore.

Chengnar Beliken, a contestant from Khan Degat Township, Altay City, achieved good results.

  [Concurrent] Horse racing contestant Chengnar Beliken

  I am 12 years old. I often participate in horse racing. I have been preparing for this (time) horse racing conference for several weeks today. My horse also won the first and so good results. It will be the Beijing Winter Olympics soon. I will use my own way. Come and help the Beijing Winter Olympics, and wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a success.

  [Explanation] Altay is located on the 45° golden snow line, and has the reputation of "the origin of human skiing" and "China's snow capital". It has the advantages of good snow quality, large snow volume, long snow period, good terrain and clear air. It attracts many ski lovers to come and enjoy the skiing.

  [Concurrent] Xi'an ski enthusiast Qin Mangyuan

  I came from Xi'an, and I have been skiing here for a short time. Basically, I come every year, because after all, this is the best snow quality in China. We have the right temperature and the right snow quality. The supporting facilities are now Getting better and better, sliding is really a very good experience.

  [Explanation] In recent years, Altay City, Xinjiang has continuously promoted ice and snow sports and developed ice and snow tourism products with the help of local high-quality ice and snow resources and long-standing ski culture.

In order to welcome the upcoming Winter Olympics, Altay has carried out a number of ice and snow activities to drive the public to participate in various ice and snow sports and help the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Zuo Dandan Tibetan Harbin Xinjiang Altay Report

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]