Before the Olympics in Beijing, it was thought that the Swedish cross-country team would have gone to Seiser Alm for a recharge camp.

With a high spread of infection in the town, they stopped at the last minute and instead went to Livigno, just over 150 km west.

"Normally we would have been there"

On site in Livigno, the refinement is underway ahead of the season's big goal, the Olympics.

The Vallata team then?

They are at home in Sweden and isolate themselves.


There is an idea that we should not meet so many, an isolation thought, says election manager Petter Myhlback.


In normal cases, we would probably have been in place, but not as the situation is now.

The move to stay at home is part of a plan to stay healthy for the Olympics, it is not a late decision.

But the wall team has not been idle.


The big part that has been at the forefront of Livigno has been logistics and that all packing comes to China, there is a lot of packing, a whole truck that has to be packed in air freight, shipped and flown, that work has been very extensive until departure, says Myhlback.

Is there anything special that has been an extra challenge?

- We sent our grinding machine by boat freight in early November, it takes so long to sail it around Africa, when it reached China last week it will then be transported up to the stadium, without us being in place.

800 pairs of skis have been sent to China

For the Olympics, the Swedish national team has sent as many as 800 pairs of skis, plus all personal equipment to each skier.

- We get a lot of support from SOK (Swedish Olympic Committee), but we still have to be involved and pull the strings from home.

The people who are part of the wall theme live scattered from Gällivare in the north to Gothenburg in the south, all staying on their edge now.

- We have no equipment to test drive, the skiers only have two pairs of skis with them to Livigno, for us it would have been useless to be on site, it would not have been possible to have activities down there.

Myhlback says that it has been nice to be at home in Bjursås in Dalarna and gather energy for the championship, after an intense season.

- You get very tired after the trips, but I will not say that we work harder than any other in the national team.

For coaches, active people, physio and especially the medical team, it is probably really stressful these days, everyone works hard.

Will wallow in containers at the Olympics

Once in China during the games, the conditions for the wall team will be different.

You will not have your hay trailer in place, but you solve it by hauling in containers.

- We have five containers to stand in, I think it's for everyone, because the Olympics is where it is, it's good if China has its own bus then.

The Beijing Olympics begin on February 2, cross-country skiing begins on Saturday, February 5 with the women's skiathlon.

CLIP: Frida Karlsson in Morgonstudion about the corona situation (January 18, 2022)

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Frida Karlsson: "I think the Olympic Village is the safest place on earth" Photo: Bildbyrån