Chinanews client, Beijing, January 18. With the approval of the International Olympic Committee, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee released the final version of the Beijing Winter Olympics competition schedule.

  The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is scheduled to be held on February 4, and Beijing, which has become the "city of double Olympics", will once again focus on the world's attention.

But before the opening ceremony, some competitions will start in advance, including curling, ice hockey, freestyle skiing, etc.

Among them, the first battle was curling.

  According to the schedule, the curling event will kick off on February 2.

The Chinese team will face Switzerland in a mixed doubles match on the evening of the 2nd, the first match of the Chinese sports delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  The 5th (the fifth day of the lunar new year) is the first gold medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Chinese short track speed skating team, known as the "Gold Medalist", will hit the Chinese delegation's first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in the mixed team relay event.

In the four World Cups this season, the Chinese team has reached the top of the project more than once.

  Chinese ice and snow athletes, come on!

  Attachment: Final Schedule of Beijing Winter Olympics