In the B-League for men's basketball, the influence of the new coronavirus infection of players is spreading, and the games are being canceled one after another. We have decided to take measures to increase the frequency.

According to the B League, the new corona infection of players and staff has been confirmed in multiple teams in the league, and by the 16th, 82 players and 28 staff have reached 110 in total. is.

As a result, the B1 league match has been canceled for 24 games, and the all-star game scheduled to be held in Okinawa Prefecture on the 14th and 15th of this month has been cancelled.

In response to this situation, in the B League, as a unified test so far, the frequency of PCR tests that all teams have performed once every two weeks, in principle, on Mondays has been increased, and on Mondays without a new unified test. We have decided to carry out an additional antigen test every Thursday.

Additional tests are scheduled to take place from the 20th to the 24th of next month, and B-League Chairman Shinji Shimada said, "The additional tests give you a sense of security and are the best way to prevent the virus from being brought to the court. I decided it was. "