Peppe Femling shot on the wrong board during the men's first shooting, which led to great confusion.

Femling hit several shots on Norway's board, after which Alexander Fjeld Andersen was severely hampered.

After Saturday's relay, Fjeld Andersen was really annoyed.

- It's very frustrating.

I get to go two penalty rounds instead of quite shooting full and go out in the lead.

It destroys the race for us, he told SVT.

According to the regulations, Femling was not punished for it.

He discovered his mistake after a few shots and was able to continue to put four shots on the Swedish board - and go a penalty round.

Norway, in turn, slowed down considerably, even though the time was compensated by two minutes afterwards.

According to several Norwegian skiers, the regulations should now be changed so that anyone who shoots at the wrong board is punished.

- If one shoots at the wrong board, a time penalty must be introduced.

It can not only affect the team that is affected, says Tarjei Bö to NRK.

Sturla Holm Laegreid:

- It is clearly very difficult when such things happen, and we do not want it to happen in the future when, for example, there is a fight for Olympic gold.

NRK has been in contact with IBU's press officer Christian Winkler, who says that the international biathlon ban will review the regulations this spring.

CLIP: Here Peppe Femling shoots on the wrong board (January 15)

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Peppe Femling shot on Aleksander Fjeld Andersen's painting.

Photo: Bildbyrån / SVT