There were different conditions for the Öberg sisters.

After the victory in the sprint earlier this week, Elvira Öberg had to start first while Hanna Öberg went out as the eleventh skier in the hunt start.

Hanna Öberg started just one second behind Linn Persson and recently Olympic-ready Mona Brorsson.

The Swedish trio followed each other in the track and all three shot full during their first two visits to the shooting range.

This meant that everyone advanced in the results list and before the penultimate shoot, there were four Swedes placed in the top seven - with Hanna Öberg as second behind Norwegian Marte Olsbu Röiseland.

There Hanna Öberg shot full again.

- Great.

Hanna puts them on and that was important.

You get some old vibes from Hanna.

It's fun, says shooting coach Jean-Marc Chabloz.

Elvira Öberg had started with two penalty rounds during the first half of the race and had nothing to do with the victory.

Hanna Öberg, who missed a shot in the last shooter, did not have it either in the end.

Marte Olsbu Röiseland won after the Norwegian was faultless on the shooting range.

Elvira Öberg was second, 20 seconds behind Röiseland and Hanna Öberg third, 32 seconds behind.

Linn Persson in turn took her best position for the season when she finished fifth.

Mona Brorsson finished eleven and Anna Magnusson went into the finish as the fifteenth skier.

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