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Hello minutos and minutas, while waiting for me to set up at the Park, I offer you a little reading to brighten up your meal.


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A month.

A month right before the justice of the peace of the Parisian season, the knockout round of the Champions League against Real Madrid, on the way to winning a first title this season with the Spanish Super Cup.

Meanwhile, the PSG, if it largely dominates the L1 thanks among other things to its mental strength in the last quarter of an hour, gives the impression of a worrying mediocrity in terms of play at mid-season.

Still without Messi for this time and without Neymar for a little while yet, Mauricio Pochettino no longer has time to grope, and must perhaps rely on the young people who have enlightened the start of the year in Paris.

It is in any case the opportunity to see them work during a match without a priori history against a player opponent who should leave spaces for the Parisians.

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