Pro baseball's top star, Lee Jung-hoo, appeared on SBS YouTube's 'I Live in Baseball' and showed off his candid talk.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon introduces the aspirations for the championship and the back story of his rival, Baek-ho Kang.


Last year, when he took the batting title for the first time in his life and established himself as the best star, the unforgettable scene for Lee Jung-hoo is the final ninth inning of the first wild card game, which extended Kiwoom's autumn baseball by one more day.

[Lee Jung-hoo: (This scene) I've seen it 23,457 times. '(Chance) only to me, only to me!' I did. The batted ball just fell off and I was like, 'Oh, now!' And I can't remember going to second base. because I like it so much… ]

He also talked about the secret behind the first cycling hit in his life that made a wedge in the batting championship competition.

[Lee Jung-hoo: Coffee was distributed to the entire team. It was a cycling hit that day. (Suhoon player) gives a kind of incentive money, and the coffee price was collected as an incentive money. After all, people come back when they give... ]

I shared the same room with my competitor, Kang Baek-ho, a one-year junior at the Tokyo Olympics, and became like brothers.

[Lee Jung-hoo: (Kang Baek-ho) said that he was going to experiment with a cardboard bed. 'Hey, don't do it!' But the bed was tilted so Baekho slept like this every day. Baekho, you are a really cute friend.]

Even after 5 months, the pain in Tokyo is vivid. 

[Lee Jung-hoo: (Seniors) all cried.


It wasn't just tears, it was a cry.

(Go) Wooseok cries, so I cry too.

so sad...

This reality is so sad.]

Now that Park Byeong-ho, who followed him like an older brother, left Kiwoom, Lee Jung-hoo realizes the 'ruthlessness of a professional'.

[Lee Jung-hoo: I cried because I was sad that we couldn't play baseball together.

Feeling like the first episode of baseball is over?]

Wiping away the tears, Lee Jung-hoo expressed his determination to win both Kiwoom and the national team for the remaining two years before advancing overseas.

[Lee Jung-hoo: Dad is making fun of me.

Dad said he won every day.

I must also quickly make the championship ring and do it like this in front of my dad...


(Video coverage: Lee Byung-joo, video editing: Oh Young-taek)