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  Chinanews client, January 10th. The China Volleyball Association released the announcement on the selection and appointment of the national women's volleyball coach by the Volleyball Center of the General Administration of Sports through its official website on the 10th.

It is reported that the new head coach will lead the Chinese women's volleyball team to complete the preparations for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the 2022 World Championships, the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Chen Zhonghe and Lang Ping, former coaches of the Chinese women's volleyball team, are members of the selection and employment expert group.

  After last year's Tokyo Olympics, Lang Ping stepped down as the coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

The Chinese Volleyball Association stated that in order to strengthen the construction of the Chinese women's volleyball team and successfully complete the preparations for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the 2022 World Championships, the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics, it is planned to organize the selection of a new national women's volleyball coach.

  The Chinese Volleyball Association emphasized that on the basis of a comprehensive and in-depth review of the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, it will adhere to promoting democracy, seeking truth from facts, and insisting on an open, fair and just selection of new players who can lead the Chinese women's volleyball team to achieve new achievements and inherit and carry forward the spirit of the women's volleyball team in the new era. National Women's Volleyball Head Coach.

At the same time, Chen Zhonghe, Lang Ping, Shen Fulin and other Chinese volleyball heroes entered the selection and recruitment expert group.

  For the new coach candidates, the Chinese Volleyball Association put forward requirements: strong business ability and clear training ideas.


  Strict management team, pay attention to team building, dare to train strictly and manage strictly; have rich coaching experience and good coaching performance; understand the current situation and development trend of international women's volleyball; be familiar with the situation of domestic women's volleyball players, and have a clear team formation Ideas; pay attention to high-level compound team building, can effectively play and utilize the characteristics and expertise of different members of the coaching team; be good at summarizing training and competition work.

  Training is clear.

Be able to fully implement the "Three Obligations and One Big One" scientific training policy; be able to grasp the rules of national team training and competition, be good at organizing training work, have a wealth of training methods and means, and be able to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of athletes for training; attach importance to physical training and scientific training, for The fundamental role and importance of physical training are well understood.

  It is understood that those who intend to apply for the selection and recruitment must submit the application form before January 15, 2022.